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Saturday saw the DC World's Finest Panel, moderated by one of the DC All Access hosts and featuring creators Liam Sharpe, Marc Andreyko, Dan Jurgens, Sam Humphries, Robert Venditti, Tom Taylor, Tim Seeley, and Mitch Gerads as panelists.

The panel began by congratulating Gerads on his Eisner win the night before for his artwork on Mister Miracle. Gerads reminded the audience that it was apparently the longest Eisner ceremony on record and that he was very tired. He added that coming up in the title fans can expect to see a reinterpretation of the classic Jack Kirby New Gods story 'The Pact' featuring Darkseid and Scott Free's own son. Scott will struggle with whether or not to make the same deal his own father, Highfather, did with him to preserve the greater good. He lamented, "I haven't had a chance to draw anything other than a nine panel grid in a while. What's a splash page?"

Sharp discussed his current Brave and the Bold story with Celtic Wonder Woman and Batman, "who is a small fairytale creature." His next project will be with Grant Morrison on the recently announced title The Green Lantern. Sharp treated the audience to his impression of Morrison's accent and said that while he rarely understands the writer he usually just responds, "I'm in. Whatever you said."

Sharp and Morrison had "chatted endlessly" about Green Lantern after an industry party. The story will be a "normal police procedural on a grand scale." Sharp gave the example that if "some cosmic entity were constructing a massive, alien mega-structure around a star but it was blocking interplanetary traffic then Green Lantern would have him move it." Fans should expect the return of characters from the 1950s-60s. "This is for Old School, longtime fans. This is for Gil Kane fans."

Andreyko is currently working on Supergirl, mostly because he desperately wanted to write Krypto the Superdog as a character, but that Kevin Maguire has been a dream collaborator. He reminded the audience that Kara Zor-El is not only older than Clark Kent but that she remembers Krypton and there she was a prodigy. He wants to explore that aspect of her.

Jurgens will be taking over Green Lanterns with issue 50 and will explore the idea of "what if the rings begin to lie — what does that do to the ranks? How does that sow distrust?" He wants to ask what Power Rings that cannot be relied upon will change Simon Baz and Jess Cruz's relationship. If a ring can lie, then "when it tells you can fly very high, well, you maybe can't fly that high. Your trust goes away in it." Art will be by Mike Perkins. Another story will feature a murder mystery where the victim is a Guardian.

Humphries continues to work on the Harley Quinn title with art by John Timms, who was in the audience. "Harley Quinn needs to move closer to the center of the DCU… how better than to send her to Apokolips?" Humphries plans for her to join Female Furies as "Hammer Harleen". He reminded fans that in-story there is a Harley Quinn comic, and he wants to explore who is creating that. Someone in the audience asked what his favorite Harley Quinn costume is, and he admitted that he "has a soft spot for the one from Arkham Asylum."

Venditti is writing Hawkman with art by Bryan Hitch. He sees the character as the Indiana Jones of the DCU. DC Metal recently revealed the character has been alive for 10,000 years, far more than what was previously believed based on his Ancient Egyptian origins, and that he reincarnates across time and space. Even the Silver Age cop, Katar Hol, was just a single persona. Venditti wants to explore "the mystery of his lifetimes" because the character cannot remember anything from his past lives but did leave clues that only he would comprehend. Venditti wants to "give it up for hairy chests." Fans will see a Rannian Hawkman, with a jetpack, as well as a Kryptonian one.

Taylor is still happily working on Injustice 2. The Titans and Booster Gold are coming. Lobo, too, as the title is in the midst of a giant space epic. Starro will become a Red Lantern and the next arc is called "Lobo Should Not Have a Power Ring." Guy Gardner will remain dead and serve "as a conscience in Hell." About his work, Taylor says that he feel as if he accomplished something great when an "adult man dressed as Blue Beetle came up to me and said 'you made me cry on a train'. That's the goal!" Taylor discussed how not only will he be marrying Killer Croc and Orca but that in a recent scene of Batman yelling at Booster Gold over a monitor for stealing the Javelin to go into space he was only wearing his cowl and pajama pants. Catwoman was there.

Seely will be writing Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe. It takes place after both of the Injustice games and all of Taylor's comics. Batman goes to Eternia because he wants someone strong enough to overcome Superman but finds He-Man embroiled in a war with Faker. While He-Man is gone Darkseid will come to conquer Eternia. He-Man will "punch Lobo's face off." Seely is treating the project "as if I am writing Crisis on Infinite Earths… but with Stinkor." This is a sequel to He-Man/ThunderCats, and Eternia knows that He-Man is Prince Adam. Seely concluded that "I grew up a He-Man fan and I didn't turn out gay — how did that happen?"

The moderator asked each panelist what their desert island comic would be, and Taylor replied that his would be Hitman by Garth Ennis and John McCrea. He expounded on the brilliance of issue #34 in particular, the Eisner Award-winning issue featuring Superman.

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