Highest House #6 Review: New Highs and Lows for Young Moth

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Moth has joined Lord Demini Aldercrest, Sieur Extat, and their retinue into the forests which surround his home village. Aldercrest sends Moth out disguised as a woodsman in the hope of discovering the mysterious mill where Scrips, a new kind of paper currency that has begun to replace gold and Aldercrest house-marked steel. Along the way, Moth returns to his home village to find his sister, jet, and their mother.

Highest House #6 cover by Yuko Shimizu
Highest House #6 cover by Yuko Shimizu

Highest House #6 isn't intended to bring an ending to the story of Moth, Obsidian, and House Aldercrest. The tale reaches something of a conclusion in that it wraps up one of the plotlines, but Highest House #1-6 is merely part one.

That's fine with me to a point. I've quite enjoyed Highest House, and I wouldn't mind seeing this story expanded further.

That aside, #6 is another damn good issue of the series. Moth begins to realize how high he has risen in stature and how proximity to Lord Aldercrest can be dangerous. Moth is also faced with some harsh truths about his home life and what things were truly like.

We also get to see a different and less forgiving side of Moth. The story of Highest House has largely been Moth's growth and change as both his age and knowledge of the world increase. This issue gives a culmination to that progression.

Obsidian doesn't show up at all though, and that's a bit disappointing.

Highest House #6 art by Peter Gross and Fabien Alquier
Highest House #6 art by Peter Gross and Fabien Alquier

Peter Gross continues to impress me with how much his work improves simply from issue to issue. Highest House was always a gorgeous book, but it continues to be more beautiful with every issue. #6 is no exception, with excellent detailing and death attributed to every panel. Fabien Alquier puts in similarly great color work, and the overall book flourishes under these two creators.

Highest House #6 brings a compelling ending to the first part of this tale. We get to see Moth at new highs and lows, and the story of House Aldercrest continues to deepen and expand. Gross and Alquier support that with great artwork, and the book earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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