Image Brings Us 80 Pages Of Head Lopper In September

Sitting around Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn today, my indie cartoonist compatriots have nothing but good things to say about Head Lopper and they are quite excited that the self-published comic by Andrew MacLean is coming to Image this autumn. They've been following the book thus far and think the fact the book has landed at Image is a logical next step for the title.

VI5A1ubpRCxFAeT_c1d8eimFdKLum-BMwgkwg3COS1Hc1V7hUARmzAhUMCOQIHC87fBv-mfQM9ODzTYL-U6bdY0DmYFd_IbBC8OoBW9OZ5Islq7GAqcFi8HhxZ2WIeSgKTlrM6wngmMD7Q=s0-d-e1-ftThe double sized first issue of Head Lopper will be 80 pages in length and include a pin-up gallery for only $5.99.

MacLean amusingly describes his comic thus:

Head Lopper (a.k.a.: the most metal comic ever) comes from the love I had watching Ray Harryhausen's creatures in Clash of the Titans and Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Conan as a kid. Oh, and it's also the most metal comic ever.

The first issue's story is a combination of sword and sorcery elements, but is also humorous and is set on the Scottish Island of Barra, featuring Swordsman Norgul and the severed head of the blue witch Agatha who he carries with him as they take on a local sea monster.

Looking forward to some Head Lopper in September, arriving on the 9th (Diamond Code: JUL150559).  Cover B by Rafael Grampá will be available with Diamond Code JUL150560.

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