Image's Plutona – Kids Find Trouble In The Forest But This Is Definitely Not A Children's Book

In many literary works throughout history, I think we can agree that nothing good happens in the forest. Trouble is always lurking somewhere, and that is definitely the case in Image's upcoming series, Plutona. Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox, and Jordie Bellaire, tell the tale of five suburban kids who venture into the forest, and discover the dead corpse of one of the worlds greatest superheroes-Plutona. How will this traumatic event affect the groups' friendship? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. Darkness is looming that they may never be able to recover from.

Lenox commented on how long she had been wanting to create a story like this, and added:

The children in Plutona face some really dark situations and will realize that not everything is going to be okay. Don't let the artwork fool you, this is not a children's book.

Well, she certainly didn't have to tell us that. Dead bodies don't usually fit the bill in children's books, and I'm glad that we are getting such a serious story that has kids as main characters. There is something very appealing about a group of characters having to experience an event together, good or bad. A traumatic experience such as finding a dead body will no doubt leave the children scarred, but I am eager to see their different solutions on how to handle the discovery. The art does look cartoon-y, but in a Hayao Miyazaki anime type style, which is cool. There's no official date for Plutona, at this time, but it is set to release some time in 2015.

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