Irredeemable Tops 100 Most-Read Comics on Digital App Graphite

For the first time, this is the Top 100 list of the most-read comics on new digital comic book reader Graphite which offers comics for free with ads, or ad-free for a small fee.

Mark Waid's Irredeemable tops the chart with Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez' Locke And Key, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys and Stjepan Sejic's Sunstone before Waid again with Incorruptible. All big well-established comic book names benefitting from a lot of publicity – and being free. But also Lo and Lorinell Yu's Servant & Lord manga from Tokyo Pop is killing it as is Nick Seluk' webcomic Heart and Brain.

There's a lot to discover on Graphite. And here's a great place to start discovering…

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Top 100 Most-Read Comics On Graphite in July 2019

TitlePublisher/Creator Name
1IrredeemableBOOM! Studios
2Locke and KeyIDW Publishing
3Servant & LordTokyoPop
4The Boys Vol. 1-6Dynamite Entertainment
5SunstoneTop Cow
6IncorruptibleBOOM! Studios
7Heart and BrainThe Awkward Yeti
8Classic WitchbladeTop Cow
9Transformers: More Than Meets The EyeIDW Publishing
10Love n LifeKirinu
11Disney Manga: TangledTokyoPop
12Giant DaysBOOM! Box
13Star CollectorTokyoPop
14Disney Manga: Beauty and the BeastTokyoPop
15Play DeadEmy M.
16Disney Manga: Pirates of the CaribbeanTokyoPop
18Adventure TimeKaBOOM! Studios
19Disney Manga: Descendants: Evie's Wicked RunawayTokyoPop
20Cyber ForceTop Cow
21Boys of SummerTokyoPop
22Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CollectionsIDW Publishing
23My Little Pony: AnimatedIDW Publishing
24PostalTop Cow
25Disney Manga: Descendants: Rotten to the CoreTokyoPop
26Transformers: Robots in DisguiseIDW Publishing
27Mouse GuardArchaia
28Disney Manga: Kilala PrincessTokyoPop
29The SmurfsPapercutz
30RustBOOM! Studios
31GarfieldKaBOOM! Studios
32Kamo: Pact with the Spirit WorldTokyoPop
33Red Sonja: Queen of PlaguesDynamite Entertainment
35Project Superpowers Vol. 1Dynamite Entertainment
36Judge DreddIDW Publishing
37Fox FiresPipilia
38Disney Manga: FairiesTokyoPop
39The BoysDynamite Entertainment
40PeanutsKaBOOM! Studios
41Essex CountyIDW Publishing
42Faded AwayQiseki
43Amazing World of GumballKaBOOM! Studios
44James Bond 007Dynamite Entertainment
45The Big Gay Comic BookTidalwave Comics
46The Middle AgeSteve Conley
47Disney Manga: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's JourneyTokyoPop
48Transformers: All Hail MegatronIDW Publishing
49KlausBOOM! Studios
50Disney Manga: Stitch!TokyoPop
51ClueIDW Publishing
52Death VigilTop Cow
53Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter TalesIDW Publishing
54Sword Princess AmalteaTokyoPop
55The DarknessTop Cow
56Disney Manga: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey CollectionTokyoPop
57Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles UniverseIDW Publishing
58SugarTop Cow
59Immortal WeaklingYaruno and Civen
60Breath of FlowersTokyoPop
61Disney Manga: Alice in Wonderland: Special Collector's MangaTokyoPop
62Port of EarthTop Cow
63Dark MetroTokyoPop
65Steven UniverseKaBOOM! Studios
66ParkerIDW Publishing
67Pacific RimLegendary Comics
68Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris Vol. 1 Colossus of MarsDynamite Entertainment
69Cybertronian The Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide SCAntarctic Press
70Sonic the HedgehogIDW Publishing
71Blood StainTop Cow
72Transformers: Lost LightIDW Publishing
73Adventure Time: Playing With FireKaBOOM! Studios
74Bob's BurgersDynamite Entertainment
7528 Days LaterBOOM! Studios
76Bonnie N. CollideMonica Gallagher
77Grimms Manga TalesTokyoPop
78My Succubus GirlfriendMerryweather
79Disney Manga: Toy StoryTokyoPop
80Evil EmpireBOOM! Studios
81Gronk: A Monster's StoryKatie Cook
82SwingTop Cow
83Jem and the HologramsIDW Publishing
84Infinite DarkTop Cow
85Heavy VinylBOOM! Box
86ROMIDW Publishing
87GlaciasYaruno and Nawa
88Blue Milk Specialstratosmacca
90Warlord of Mars VolumesDynamite Entertainment
91FameTidalwave Comics
92Project Superpowers: BlackcrossDynamite Entertainment
93Geronimo StiltonPapercutz
94CrimsonBOOM! Studios
95Transformers: Dark CybertronIDW Publishing
96G.I. Joe: ClassicsIDW Publishing
97Knights of AsherahAnadia-chan
98Sunny Side Skiessoaporsalad
99Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. TrumpIDW Publishing
100Go Go Power RangersBOOM! Studios

Irredeemable Tops 100 Most-Read Comics on Digital App Graphite

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