Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon? Prime Suspect?

The second printing cover to X-Factor #10 is rather stark, Magneto's silver helmet that he wears on Krakoa, no longer on his head, and covered in blood. Spoilers going forward of course, you have been warned.

Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon?
Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon?

Presuming that of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, once thought to be his mutant daughter but no longer and renamed in the X-Men titles as The Pretender. As well as one of the greatest war criminals against the mutant race. And as seen at the end of X-Factor #10, murdered, with Magneto as prime suspect ahead of the upcoming Trial Of Magneto.


Does this mean that his helmet was used as the murder weapon, or was it simply in proximity to Wanda Maximoff when he – or someone else – did the deed? Could all of Krakoa be suspects? Looking back at SWORD #6, where Wanda MAximoff arrived on Krakoa at Magneto's invite, the removed helmet does seem prominent.

Is That Scarlet Blood On Magneto's Helmet?

Might one consider that Magneto's helmet makes him impervious to telepathic control. Is it possible the Shadow King or Onslaught posesses Magneto when his helmet was removed, to commit the deadly deed?

Is That Scarlet Blood On Magneto's Helmet?

The other question we had, which has not yet been answered is if Wanda Maximoff could be resurrected by Cerebro and The Krakoan Five. X-Men editor Jordan D White answered whether Scarlet Witch used a transport gate  to get to Krakoa without being a mutant, saying,,, "did she walk through a gate? Yeah, maybe she did. Does that mean she's a mutant? Well, you'd think the answer was "Yes." Except, as we know, she was thought to be a mutant for many, many, many years. And she was thought to be a mutant by people who have the technology developed specifically for identifying mutants. So while she is not a mutant, whatever she is, whatever was done to her, was enough to fool Cerebro, apparently." So if she was disguised enough as a mutant to fool Cerebro despite not being a mutant, does that mean she was also backed up by Cerebro before her death? And could she be resurrected just like the other mutants? Could she even testify in her own murder trial? Upcoming solicitations for Trial Of Magneto did state that "there is something wrong with the body"…

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