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"Working on this series has been a ton of fun already, as Carmen Carnero's art is bringing so much dynamism to these pages and the entire X-team of writers is in a flurry sharing scripts and feedback and ideas," she added. And followed by Phoenix, X-Factor, Storm, Nyx, X-Force, and Wolverine. "The X-Men are fractured in the[...]
What Else We Learned From The X-Men SXSW Panel
Phoenix, X-Factor, Storm, Nyx, X-Force and Wolverine.   Tom Brevoort wants each of these comics to offer something different, though there will be cohesion between them Gail Simone wants Eve Ewing's Exceptional X-Men to get a TV adaptation And there is an intent to dive into X-Mn characters and history from across the franchise, keeping continuity and[...]
First Appearance of Archangel and Origin of Apocalypse
It's Archangel time! X-Factor #24 is a key comic book for fans of one of the original X-Men, Warren Worthington III, the Angel Transformed into Death, one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, his mutant white feathered wings were removed and replaced by razor-sharp metal wings that shoot out a horde of daggers, and became[...]
Leah Williams On X-Factor Being Rewritten And Moving To Substack
The latest episode of the ComicsXF podcast Battle Of The Atom with Zachary Jenkins and Adam Reck, talking to comic book writer Leah Williams, whose Trial Of Magneto is published from Marvel Comics tomorrow, spinning out of the X-Factor series And it makes for one hell of a listen She talks candidly about the series and working[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #5
Marvel returns to Peter David's classic X-Factor run in this preview of X-Men Legends #5, in stores Wednesday This preview gives us just a tease, though we do see Strong Guy working on a new catchphrase for the team That's definitely gonna need more workshopping though But we're sure he'll get it eventually Check out[...]
Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon?
The second printing cover to X-Factor #10 is rather stark, Magneto's silver helmet that he wears on Krakoa, no longer on his head, and covered in blood Spoilers going forward of course, you have been warned. Is Magneto's Helmet The Murder Weapon? Presuming that of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, once thought to be his mutant daughter[...]
Marvel Comics And The Scarlet Witch (Spoilers)
People having problems with X-Factor #10 didn't stop it topping the charts over the big changes it made to the Marvel Universe going forward with Wanda Maximoff We shared our own theories, we may share more This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their[...]
Ninjak and X-Factor Rip Plots From Headlines – But Should They?
Did you read Ninjak #1 or X-Factor #10 this week? Stan Lee used to refer to the Marvel Universe as "The world outside your window", set in New York rather than Metropolis and Gotham Jim Shooter tried to take that further with the New Universe But superhero comic books have always tried to reflect the[...]
PrintWatch: Shang-Chi, X-Factor and Power Rangers
After yesterday's barn-storming sales success, X-Factor #10 is predictably going for a second printing from Marvel Comics No cover yet, but it should be out on July the 28th It will also be joined by Shang Chi #1 and #2 getting a second printing, as does WEB Of Spider-Man #2 (for which we do have[...]
Marvel Confirms: Darkhold Is Ha
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool got the word that X-Factor #10, published today  by Marvel Comics, may turn out to be a collectible comic Ending the Hellfire Gala storyline that has been running across all Marvel's X-Men comic books And that it would make a major change and get all sorts of publicity[...]
Cover image for X-FACTOR #10 GALA
On Monday, Bleeding Cool told folks that they might want to make sure they get a copy of X-Factor #10 this week, as it brings the Hellfire Gala to a close That the comic might make headlines – and explaining why Spoilers of course Yesterday, we watched as every cover prince advance copy of X-Factor[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool got the word that X-Factor #10, published this coming Wednesday by Marvel Comics, may turn out to be a collectible comic Ending the Hellfire Gala storyline that has been running across all Marvel's X-Men comic book And that it would make a major change, and get all sorts of publicity Which[...]
Cover image for X-FACTOR #10 GALA
Well, Bleeding Cool has got the word that this week's X-Factor #10  will have just as much of an impact as the terraforming of Mars, the imposition of a new monarchy on Earth, a new currency for the galaxy and the return of Wanda Maximoff to Magneto's life The solicitations state "THE LAST DANCE! At[...]
Cover image for X-FACTOR #10 GALA
In the real world, a normal peeping tom would be a problem, but what about a mutant peeping tom covered in eyeballs? That's what the titular X-Factor must deal with when Polaris and Aurora catch Eyeboy watching them get dressed Is that against Krakoan law? It's creepy nonetheless, and we don't want to hear the[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #4
Check out the preview below! X-MEN LEGENDS #4 MARVEL COMICS MAR210601 MAR210603 – X-MEN LEGENDS #4 CHRISTOPHER ACTION FIGURE VAR – $3.99 MAR210602 – X-MEN LEGENDS #4 LIEFELD DEADPOOL 30TH VAR – $3.99 (W) Louise Simonson (A / CA) Walter Simonson WITH A VENGEANCE! Things go from bad to worse for X-FACTOR when they must save the baby NATHAN CHRISTOPHER SUMMERS from the[...]
Hellfire Gala X-Men
While in the penultimate issue of the series, X-Factor #9 is dealing with Mojo direct. With Sofia given quite the promotion as a Krakoa official.   Though there may be people after her job, in Children Of The Atom #3. …who also has a history in babysitting And certainly, there's a strong element of mutant envy… …nd with her own[...]
Cover image for X-FACTOR #9
X-Factor is on a quest to save Siryn from The Morrigan, and there's only one way to do it… by shrinking down into tiny-sized X-Men and entering her brain To do that, they use Rachel's powers of chronoskimming, using her telepathy to explore Siryn's memories Rachel doesn't normally bring the entire X-Factor team along, but[...]
Peter David - But No Joe Quesada - For X-Men Legends In July
But man, when Marvel Comics announced that Peter David was going to revive his classic X-Factor run for the X-Men Legends series, I did expect that to include Joe Quesada as well Oh and also, looks like we were totally wrong in our Claremont/Romita guesses as well Not Larry Stroman either Nor Jae Lee, Chris[...]
Postcards From Krakoa, Today - Inferno, Eyes and Entry Permits
Member of the Krakoa homicide team X-Factor Eye Boy is a Marvel Comics character created by Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw for Wolverine And The X-Men #9 in 2021 as a comic-tragic figure, with the mutant power to have… lots of eyes Everywhere Over time that power has developed to enable extraordinary eyesight across the[...]
Nimrod Returns To X-Men In May
Marvel confirms that after a month gap, X-Men #20 and X-Factor #9 will return in May 2019. The two series will pick up right where things left off with new villains, surprising guest stars, and shocking new developments that will affect the entire mutant world as the REIGN OF X continues! Nimrod on X-Men #20 X-MEN (2019) #20 The[...]
Marvel X-Men Krakoa
" That would be X-Factor, the team that is tasked with certifying deaths so that the mutant may experience resurrection by The Five And in today's X-Factor, as Prodigy has been revived, so he gets a letter. Resurrection protocols in X-Factor "Hey, Prodigy Here's the info you asked for We knew to resurrect you without a body because[...]
Polaris Takes The Lead In X-Men Vote
And with Polaris in the lead – hey, isn't she in the X-Factor comic book right now? I wonder what the writer of that comic book thinks about Polaris being voted onto the X-Men book instead? Well, Leah Williams was hilarious on Twitter and revealed more of what was going on behind the scenes She[...]
Is Professor X A War Criminal? (Hellions, Juggernaut, X-Factor)
Today sees the publication of three X-Men comic books, Hellions #8, X-Factor #6 and Juggernaut #5 – the latter seems a little retrofitted into the Krakoan comic books, but we'll go with it After all, it ends with Professor X and Krakoa taking in a new citizen. Credit: Marvel Even though, apparently, she won;t be allowed to[...]
The cover to X-Factor #5
Who ends up a victim of mutant murder most foul this time in X-Factor #5? Plus: what happened to Rockslide, anyway? No discourse this time… just a gif I made from last night's wrestling shows. Now it's recap time! Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie[...]
The cover to X-Factor #4
X-Factor #4 was the only X-book in stores last week unless you also count that artist tribute to Giant-Size X-Men #1, which I don't So let's just get down to the recap, shall we? Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The Uncanny X-Men[...]
Mutant Warning: Don't Die On Otherworld (X-Factor #4 Spoilers)
X-Factor #4 spoiler warnings ahead In the first issue of X Of Swords: Creation #1 , we saw the death of Rockslide But hey, you know, these are the House Of X books now, where mutant death is just a setback, to be resurrected back on Krakoa with your last save point It's all good. Art[...]
Where In The World Is Moira Mactaggert?
In the final issue of the series, published a year ago, Moira made it very clear she didn't want time travellers or precognitives like Destiny to be part of the island, as the new administration of Krakoa set themselves up. Moira MacTaggert in House Of X artwork. Since then, there have been several series telling the continuing[...]
This Week, Marvel Comics #1000 Page Ties In To X Of Swords (Previews)
But the pyramid that marks the Temple Of Horseman? Take a look at next month's X-Men #13? Art from X-Men #13. Cover from X-Men #13. Well that all looks very familiar doesn't it? Here are the other preview pages from Excalibur #13. Cover from Excalibur #13. Art from Excalibur #13. And from X-Factor #4 out this week… Cover from X-Factor #4. Art[...]
X-ual Healing: X-Force #12
Three X-Men comics were in stores last week on September 9th: Marauders #12, X-Factor #3, and X-Force #12 In this column, we recap them all It's pretty simple, really. "Why do you bother writing this column?" –  a commenter last week Well, rude commenter, for a few reasons First of all, because I can, I earned it,[...]