Joshua Luna Blasts Image Comics for Anti-POC Double Standards

Joshua Luna, one half of the comic book creator duo The Luna Brothers with Jonathan Luna, took Image Comics to task on Twitter for what he claims is a double standard when it comes to publishing the work of POC creators. Luna, whose previous comics Ultra, Girls, and The Sword with Jonathan Luna, along with solo effort Whispers, were all published at Image, took to Twitter to reveal that Image had rejected the previously greenlit Americanizasian: A Filipino American Comic Creator's Awakening, with an Image partner comparing the book to a female political cartoonist's book and calling both "angry" and claiming they contained "no story for people to relate to." Luna says that Image burned all remaining copies of a previous bestselling book of his and ceased digital sales on ComiXology after negotiations broke down.

Luna goes on to compare Image's reaction to his comic with the company's defense of Howard Chaykin during controversy over Chaykin's depiction of transgender women and Pakistani men in Divided States of Hysteria, in which Image defended Chaykin for making marginalized groups uncomfortable. Luna is seeking a new publisher who is "POC-friendly & supports the book's message and tone." Luna says it's "hard not to believe Image's behavior is discriminatory in light of this "double standard." Luna is also seeking donations and support on Patreon to offset both the delay in publishing Americanizasian as well as the hardships that will be incurred because he has spoken out about his experience.

Update: This article originally contained a statement from Image Comics, which has been retracted at Image's request.

Read Luna's comments in full below.

Joshua Luna Blasts Image Comics for Anti-POC Double Standards

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