Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 Review: Can Lobo Get The Best Of The Road Runner?

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Lobo/Road Runner Special #1

You know, growing up I never once asked myself, "How did Bugs Bunny become himself? How did Wile E. Coyote become obsessed with capturing the Road Runner?" But somewhere someone did, and DC has given us a myriad of crossovers that are fun, unique, and also kind of grim. I picked up Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 this week and had no idea what to expect. What I got was pretty dark and grim, but absolutely funny.

A coyote has been hunted down in 1949 (the year Wile E. Coyote was created) and brought back to ACME labs for testing. You can see the other WB characters in the background, as well. Then, the lab has a chemical explosion and the characters all run away. The coyote, while enjoying his newfound freedom, eyes a road runner. You can imagine what happens next. Decades go by, and Wile enlists the help of Lobo to capture the Road Runner. It really is as hilarious as it sounds, and you should really buy this book.

Lobo/Road Runner Special #1

Bill Morrison does an exceptional job of adding a layer to these old characters, and the paring of Wile and Lobo is ideal. They both get into tight spots and almost deadly situations often, but they bounce back.

The dialogue in Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 is smart and funny, and does a good job at conveying and wrapping up a simple one-issue story. Morrison's backup story is also a nice way to end the book, and it's funny. Lobo doesn't want to fill another eight pages of story, but Bugs Bunny has other ideas. Kelley Jones's art is top-notch, too. The characters are strange and downright creepy, but it works. This is by no means a kids book — young viewers may not like the realistic take on everyone, but I love it.

While there was an opening for another story, the book could end well on a "what if" note. I'll be picking up the other crossovers as well; hopefully they'll be as engaging!

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Lobo/Road Runner Special #1 Review: Can Lobo Get The Best Of The Road Runner?

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