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Lord of Gore #5 Review: Headsmen Everywhere

The Headsman attacks, and Reed Daniels attempts to hold the brute off while the rest lead the livestock out of the now-burning barn. Matt pulls a gambit and tries to help Daniels fight the Headsman, and that means Danny must go back and save his friend. Will the Headsman take three more victims?

Lord of Gore #5 cover by Daniel Leister
Lord of Gore #5 cover by Daniel Leister

Lord of Gore #5 is the first action-oriented issue of the series, and that makes for an interesting change of pace for this book. The story thus far has been primarily a detective tale centering on nerd culture, B-movies, and the film industry in general. Now, we have an action issue focused upon our heroes fighting off the eponymous Headsman.

It's a good issue, and the change of pace is welcome. It gives a quicker pacing and a cathartic release. We also learn the identity of the Headsman, which could make for an interesting shift as we enter the final phase of the story.

While the book has made good critiques of how women are treated in the entertainment industry, there is still a degree of exploitation and sexualization in this issue which runs counter to that narrative. Sure, it's the "bad people" who are doing it, to a point, but it does lead to the question as to why the book is showing us this.

Daniel Leister's artwork handles the quicker pacing and action of this issue well. Motion and impact aren't as punchy as other artists, but the gore and bloodletting do aid in making up for that slight short-coming. Carlos Alberto Moreno Diaz takes over the color work of this issue, and it's just as atmospheric and grim as the book has been thus far under Sean Forney.

Lord of Gore #5 is a tense and brutal continuation to the murder mystery story, and the action focus of the issue is a nice change of pace. The story remains smart, even if this issue has its problems. Regardless, it earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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