Lying In the Gutters – 29th July 2018 – An Unclassified Week

This week saw the beginning of Bleeding Cool's long-running feature Marvel Declassified. Worth catching up.

Lying In the Gutters – 29th July 2018 – An Unclassified Week

But tragically, it also saw the report of the passing of Marvel's Tahlia Hein. And in a week where comic book character death seems to be the in-thing, a reminder of the tragic realities, an inspiration in a life well-lived, and the love that spills over from that.

Here's what else Bleeding Cool readers have been reading this week:

Marvel Declassified

  1. Marvel Declassified 1: This Car Will Go Through the Atomic Blast
  2. Marvel Declassified 2: High School Experiments in Radioactivity
  3. Marvel Declassified 3: All Sorts of Subliminal Messages

Top Twenty Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Marvel's Tahlia Hein Died of a Stroke This Past Weekend, Aged 32
  2. Amazon Leaks Next Dungeons & Dragons Book, Revealing a Major Crossover
  3. Laurie Strode Is Not Michael Myers's Sister for a Reason in New 'Halloween' Film
  4. It's Official – DC Comics Have Destroyed the Rules of 24 Hour Comic Day
  5. 'Dune' Will Cover [Approximately] Half of First Novel, Brian Herbert Says
  6. American Horror Story Season 8: FX Sets 'Apocalypse' Crossover Theme [SDCC]
  7. Let's Talk About Dumbledore Seeing Grindelwald in The Mirror of Erised
  8. Masters of the Universe Mondo Figures Look Like Must-Owns
  9. What's Happening With Wally West in the DC Universe? (Major Spoilers)
  10. Is Psylocke Turning Caucasian Again? [SPOILERS]
  11. R.I.P. DC Extended Universe… Long Live the Worlds of DC
  12. #MarvelDeclassified Won't Just Change Comics History, But American History
  13. Marvel Declassified 1: This Car Will Go Through the Atomic Blast
  14. Marvel Legends Take Over SDCC with Tons of Reveals!
  15. 265 Cosplay Pics From San Diego Comic-Con 2018 – From She-Hulk to Mrs. Rick and Morty
  16. That Insanely Peculiar Major Death in Infinity Wars Prime #1 (Spoilers, Natch)
  17. Retconning Typhoon – and Is That a Three Jokers Reference in Doomsday Clock #6? [Spoilers]
  18. Guardians of the Galaxy Star Dave Bautista on James Gunn: Whatcha Gonna Do When #Cybernazis Come for You?
  19. Uncanny X-Men Returns in November
  20. The Simpsons Comic to Stop After 25 Years – Bongo to Close?

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Retailers Have Until Monday to Order Die!Die!Die! #2…
  2. Aquaman Comic to Be Momoa-ized With the Coming of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha?
  3. Everything Brian Bendis Knew About Venom's Homeworld Was Wrong (Venom #4 Spoilers)
  4. Saga #54 Goes To Second Printing as Internet Reacts to Its Ending (Spoilers)
  5. Do You Have A Copy of Avenging Spider-Man #9 in Your Collection?
  6. How Was Rogue Able to Kiss Gambit on Their Wedding Day? And The Rest? (Mr & Mrs X #1 Spoilers)
  7. 24-Hour Comic Day Saved – DC Blank Comics Now Have 24 Pages in Them
  8. Heroes In Crisis' Sanctuary Mentions in Today's Flash #51 and Doomsday Clock #6 (Spoilers)
  9. Dan DiDio Wants 8 Monthly Walmart DC Comics
  10. MIA: Renew Your Vows in October? Because of Amazing Spider-Man #2 Spoilers?

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