Man Meets God In The Afterlife… Inc

Jon Lock writes for Bleeding Cool:


I'm the writer and creator of Afterlife Inc., a comic about a con artist named Jack Fortune who dies, discovers an afterlife in chaos, and decides to take over and run it like a business. After a brief hiatus in which I've been working on some other projects, I'm now returning to the world of Afterlife Inc. (my first, true love in comics) with Volume 4: Man Made God, which is currently live on Kickstarter.

I could talk more about what the new book holds – and believe me, I will – but if you'd like the concise version here's a short video in which I explain the entire campaign in under a minute.

'When corporate con-artist Jack Fortune's life came to an abrupt end, he discovered an afterlife in chaos, leaving him with no option but to take over, modernise and turn a tidy profit. Now, under Jack's visionary leadership, Afterlife Inc. goes from strength to strength, improving quality of death for all. But when one of the afterlife's former rulers returns, public opinion shifts massively against Jack's branded idealism and dangerous thinking. When faced with heaven's legitimate owners, can Jack be trusted to relinquish his stolen power – and should he?'


Afterlife Inc. Volume 4: Man Made God is already 50% complete. I've done what I can to self-fund the book so far; I just need your help to take us the rest of the way. The moment the Kickstarter campaign finishes, all backers will receive a downloadable PDF of chapter 1. While work continues on the rest of the story, I'll keep you posted with regular digital copies of each chapter as it's completed, culminating in a physical copy of the finished book.


Thanks for reading this far, gang. With three books already complete, not to mention a crossover with Nich Angell's 7STRING, I hope I've shown what the world of Jack Fortune and Co. is capable of. With Volume 4 I'm finally starting to tell the stories I've had planned since I first came up with Afterlife Inc. all those years ago: something I'd never have imagined possible when I first started making comics. This is the start of something big for Afterlife Inc. and I hope you'll join us on the journey.

Oh, and if you'd like to learn more about Afterlife Inc., the entire story can be read for free online, starting here!

Cheers gang. Hope you enjoy!


Jon is the writer and creator of Afterlife Inc., Orb, 99 Swords and Cuckoos. As part of Big Punch Studios he is also responsible for the card game Sandwich Masters and the quarterly magazine BPM. Occasionally, he sleeps


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