Maria Hill Is Marvel's Donald Trump, She Wants To Build A Wall And Get Teleporters To Pay For It (Spoilers)


Today's Captain America: Steve Rogers #9 tells the story of the trial of SHIELD director Maria Hill, as well as a mission taken by Steve Rogers and more flashbacks of his early Hydra training as a schoolboy, and the rewriting of his origins as a superhero.

But it also sees Maria Hill fightong back, creating a proposal to save her job, her reputation and also keeping her out of jail.

And yes, she's going to build a wall. A big wall around the Earth to keep the aliens out.


And because this is Nick Spencer, who doesn't like to come down all on one side, the case is well argued considering the alien threats that the Marvel Earth has suffered. Could a parallel Earth do an incursion on this? Possibly not.


Yeah, we want to call it a wall. Admittedly, the aliens aren't going to pay for it, humanity is. But someone is going to pay the price…


No wonder the Guardians Of The Galaxy can't get off earth. The X-Men aren't going to be jetting off any time soon. Could this be what keeps the Inhumans away as well? And what about those teleporters? Considering how many are operating in the Marvel Universe today. Over in Thor…


Okay, he's an alien attacking Thor, he makes Maria's point for her.


And the Inhumans might be big fans too, in IVX #2. Especially when we see in Uncanny X-Men #17, what happens to the Inhumans who are teleported by the X-Men to Limbo….


Last week's Deadpool Duck also showed the very real dangers of teleporters…

deadpool-the-duck-2017-001-2017-digital-017 deadpool-the-duck-2017-001-2017-digital-018

…and maybe why Deadpool stopped using his.


And today's Spider-Man/Deadpool #12 has an ode to that as well…


I'm sure some teleporters are good people….

Oh and just because it's meant to have finished, Maria still can't quite let go of Civil War II over in Spider-Man


Or Captain Marvel in Jessica Jones


Or maybe it's Brian Bendis, writer of Civil War II, Spider-Man and Jessica Jones who can't let go. It's over, Brian, it's over!

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