Marvel Editor Jordan White Confirms Cyclops is the Best X-Man for #XMenMonday

Mustache-twirling Marvel X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter to celebrate the weekly international holiday of X-Men Monday this week, and he had a major admission to make. Despite Marvel's best efforts to turn him into a villain before killing him off and replacing him with his time-displaced teenage counterpart who will also soon be killed off, X-Men fans have weighed in and voted Scott Summers the most popular X-Man.

Jordan tallied the data from a completely scientific poll:

Like we said, this is completely scientific. Completely official. The prize for winning: bragging rights, the most important prize of all!

We would have ranked Wolverine way lower, personally.

That's right! Suck it, Wolverine, you hairy little Mary Sue! Our man Scott Summers is the best!

Doesn't Marvel have interns for that sort of thing, White?

In any case, we're glad to see Marvel recognize that the fans want Cyclops back in a place of prominence amongst the X-Men. Hopefully adult Cyclops will be resurrected after Uncanny X-Men relaunches, just in time to blast the recently-returned Wolverine with his powerful optic blasts, or maybe to toss a coffee in the little runt's face.

Thank you, Jordan White, for confirming what we all already knew. What Cullen Bunn already knew. Now do the right thing and bring back Cyclops in a solo series written by Chris Claremont. It's what the fans demand!

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