Marvel Would Have Done "Avengers Vs Watchmen" Even Sooner Than DC Comics

In an interview with CBR, Marvel's Senior Vice President of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort talked about both Captain America and DC Comics Rebirth, including the lines,

I kind of feel like that work is a complete work, and I've liked the fact that people have stayed away from it, except in really recent memory, and let it be its own thing. On the flipside of that, as the guy that does all this publishing for Marvel, I know that if that book was in our back catalogue, there would definitely have been interaction by this point, and it probably would have happened much sooner.

Naturally, he's talking about Watchmen. And what Marvel would have done if they had published Watchmen.

So, yes, Avengers Vs Watchmen. Or X-Men Vs Watchmen. That kind of thing.

Which might make some curious over exactly what they have in mind for Marvelman.

The only example so far was a splash page in Original Sin


…that got edited out and turned into Namor before publication. Top left…


Any day now…

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