More A4: Empyre with a Y Covers Reveal X-Men Tie-in, Wolverine and Spidey in Fantastic Four

Earlier today, Marvel revealed the cover to the first issue of their upcoming super-mega-crossover event, A4: Empyre with a Y, drawn by Jim Cheung. Now, the House of Ideas has revealed the covers to two tie-ins: X-Men #10, as drawn by Leinil Francis Yu, and Fantastic Four #21, drawn by Nick Bradshaw.

Fantastic Four #21 will apparently see Spider-Man and Wolverine rejoin the team while the Fantastic Four are offworld having their universe shaken to its foundations. How long before Wolverine returns to pre-Death levels of being on as many superhero teams as possible? X-Men #10 will apparently feature trouble on the moon where the Summers clan is living, possibly because Wolverine is out of town playing around with the Fantastic Four and therefore unable to keep Scott Summers busy by f**king him with his two dicks, causing him to get antsy.

It's the super-mega-crossover event that critics are calling "expensive" and "another one." All that and more as A4: Empyre with a Y kicks off in April, true believers!

Check out the covers below.

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