Nancy in Hell #1 Review: Trashy, Bloody Goodness

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Nancy is still in Hell and still tearing a bloody swath through the realm with her chainsaw. She finds a helpful traveler to giver her a ride, but even he proves to be as monstrous as everything else in this place. She is being chased by the mysterious Spooks, the FBI-like operators within Hell. They want to capture and bring her back to their base. Nancy must avoid them and the zombie-like Braindeads if she is to keep her soul and sanity.

Nancy in Hell #1 cover by Ariel Olivetti
Nancy in Hell #1 cover by Ariel Olivetti

Nancy in Hell #1 is an example of B-movie trash in comic book form if I've ever seen it. You have a scantily-clad lead with a big honking chainsaw, mysterious government-like agents chasing her, and zombie-like creatures popping up here and there. A biker gang shows up late into the comic, and there is plenty of gore and dismemberment to fill in the spaces.

And…I kinda love it. It's not brilliant, and there is plenty to criticize. The minimal clothing mixed with implied threats of sexual assault are gross even in a B-movie setting. Some of the dialogue is just bad, and the plot meanders a bit with the villains being the only ones with a defined goal in this comic.

The comic is smart where it needs to be. Nancy is surprisingly compelling given the story she inhabits. The action scenes are creative. The Spooks seem to have an interesting plan running in the background.

Oh, there's a fantastic jab at Drumpf in this one too.

Nancy in Hell #1 art by Abel Cicero and Alexandra Thone
Nancy in Hell #1 art by Abel Cicero and Alexandra Thone

Abel Cicero's artwork is damn good too. Gore is presented creatively and fantastically. The visual design of the Spooks is pretty damn good. The landscape is adequately oppressive. The detailing is extensive and gives this world some grounding and life. Alexandra Thone keeps that oppressive atmosphere with unceasing oranges, reds, and yellows.

Nancy in Hell #1 is a wonderfully trashy comic with enough chainsaw butchering, creative world-building, and great artwork to keep even my pretentious ass engaged throughout the read. This is a fun one, and, if you like some trashy b-movie content too, feel free to check this one out.

Now, maybe people will be less made about my Die! Die! Die! review…

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