Obscure Comics: General Mills Presents Batman V Superman #2 & Cereal

Who Wants Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Cereal, With No Comics?

Batman V Superman Cereals
Batman V Superman Cereals

DC Comics and Warner Brothers released a deluge of material for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as touched upon in the past. Starting in January 2016 at Wizard World New Orleans, General Mills launched two brand new cereal flavors to promote the movie, one for Superman and one for Batman, with fans encouraged to show their support for one side the other by buying their cereal. Superman had Caramel Crunch Cereal, while Batman had Chocolate Strawberry. In a press release for the cereals, General Mills had the following to say:

"Superman and Batman continue to appeal to the generations of fans that have enjoyed them for decades, as well as new Super Hero fans experiencing them for the first time," says Alan Cunningham, senior marketing manager, Cereal Innovation, at General Mills. "So it doesn't get much more exciting for us than having the opportunity to feature these iconic characters on their two new cereals."

Superman Caramel Crunch will come with pieces shaped like the Superman shield. The pieces in Batman Chocolate Strawberry will be based on the Batman emblem.

"We spent extensive time and effort to develop the flavors and look of these cereals, and their packaging, so that they will match the incredible quality of the characters they feature," said Alan.

Show Your Allegiance To Cereal
Show Your Allegiance To Cereal

General Mills put extensive effort into the cereal, even going so far as to send out advance samples in exclusive cases that included a Batman mask, a Superman cape, and a special bowl and spoon with boxes of both kinds of cereal to reviewers to try.  It is the weird space where collect-ability and cereal collide.

What is most notable in terms of comic book related material to this marketing gimmick is that most fans remember this cereal but swear that it included comics too, which they did not.  Despite General Mills putting four exclusive comics in their cereal brands at the time to promote and tie-in to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the cereals dedicated to both heroes, did not include the comics at all.  The main thing to read with these cereals was the backs of the boxes featuring trivia related to the superheroes.

Superman Cereal Front and Back
Superman Cereal Front and Back

Obscure Comics: General Mills Presents Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice #2: Field Trip

Despite the lack of visibility in the cereals dedicated to the movie and the heroes, none of the promotional comics were included in those boxes. However, issue #2 of four has the unique honor of being the seventh Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice tie-in comic that Christos Gage wrote, this time, however, sadly without Joe Bennett on pencils.  This time Gage is joined by artist Federico Dallochio, as the two tell a similar story to issue #1, but focused more on another hero, who we never see in costume in this issue.

Following Zoe, who is attending a field trip to Metropolis with her class, she breaks off to investigate the Wayne Enterprises building. She discovers tech thieves planning to steal what Kryptonian tech they can get their hands on during her sneaking around.

While spying on the thieves, Zoe ends up being discovered by Bruce Wayne, who she teams up with to take out the thieves, but in the end, the main presence to take out these criminals is Superman himself, as he arrives to capture and deal with these criminals.

The story is full of nods to the movie and comics, and in particular, Christos Gage really tries to work in homages to the inevitable meeting that will take place between Batman and Superman in the movie.

A Bit of Price Dip, but Still Worth A Little Bit

Despite the fact that many do not remember the comics do not remember the cereal the comics came in, this comic represents another part of Christos Gage's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice tie-ins.  The variety of cereals these comics did come in, more on that next time, still allowed many copies of this book to find themselves in kid's hands. Still, the comics are obscure, but none are as valued as #1, so issue #2 is found to have a value of around seven dollars to fourteen dollars.

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