Occupy Avengers #9: Curtain Call On A Great Comic

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Occupy Avengers #9: Curtain Call On A Great Comic

It's the Occupy Avengers' final stand against Hydra in the Midwest. With Hawkeye working with the Underground, it's up to Wheels, Red Wolf, and Nighthawk (Tilda) to hold off Hydra while the Firehearts raid a food convoy. Things look bleak when a band of reinforcements arrive from the Underground to help the three Avengers.

With that accomplished, there is still the matter of raiding one of Nick Fury's hidden armories. Tilda opts to offer recruitment to some of the civilians they've helped. Many accept. Unfortunately, Hydra is still on their trail, and it looks like the recent victory may not mean bode for future ones.

There aren't many comics from the Big Two that have ever been quite like Occupy Avengers. Dial H, The Movement, and Kevin Grevioux New Warriors run all had some similar elements, but, still, none of them felt quite like this. It's a war-weary team of heroes trying to right the wrongs of the world while sticking to the road. They were "taking back justice" as the original tagline said.

It was charming, heartfelt, and it wanted to make a statement. It took Hawkeye at one of the most interesting points in his story (regardless of my own feelings about Civil War II), and did something with this moment in time for Clint Barton.

This final issue, despite being a tie-in, gave the perfect ending to the team. They're going out, guns blazing, against the most literal incarnation of fascism that Marvel has to offer, Hydra. They won, but that doesn't mean that the Occupy Avengers aren't going to be the biggest, most obnoxious thorn in their side possible while trying to help people for as long as they can.

It's quite inspiring, really.

Tilda, Red Wolf, and Wheels all turned out to be really likable protagonists. Even without the presence of Hawkeye, the greatest classic Avenger of all time (stop typing, you know it's true), this book was still very enjoyable. This might be because, believe it or not, B, C, and D list characters can helm a good book, and someone will still read it. You can say, "well, that's why it's cancelled," but that decision was made when Hawkeye was still leading the team. And you can't call him a B-lister anymore, because he's been in four movies now and has had many solo titles now. Just because people aren't reading a book doesn't make it bad. Just because a book features a bunch of lesser known heroes doesn't mean it doesn't have the right to exist.

No, I'm not letting go of this argument.

Occupy Avengers #9: Curtain Call On A Great Comic

Back to the book: Gabriel Hernandez Walta's artwork captures the gritty and rough feel of the team and the mission at hand very well. It fits the "close to the ground, fighting tooth-and-nail" air of the writing nigh-perfectly. The faces still come out looking weird at times, but that doesn't distract too much from the comic.

Jordie Bellaire's use of darker colors complements it with by reinforcing the overwhelming since of hopelessness in the face of this Hydra takeover. When there are lighter tones, they are pale and drained of color. It's a dark time for the Marvel Universe, and the combined efforts of Walta and Bellaire have managed to capture that feeling.

This was a great comic. David F. Walker put together something special here, and it's a shame it had to be killed so soon. I would have liked to see where Mr. Walker could have taken this concept for the long haul. If you haven't been following the series, just pick up the trade when it comes out. If you have been reading it, this issue gives a perfect, explosive finale to the story.

You know — they never did explain the name Occupy Avengers, though.

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