Booze Geek – Pumking And Pumpkinhead

By Dylan Gonzalez

southern-tier-pumpkin-2Beer: Pumking

Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Company

Pumking, if memory serves correct, was my introduction to pumpkin beer.  Pumpkin beer has been around for hundreds of years, but recently has caught on amongst the fall seasonal and Oktoberfest brews.  As I said with my last entry, working in a liquor store means we get a lot of these much earlier in the year than seems fitting, but I am not going to enjoy them any less.  Thus, I broke open a bottle of Pumking.

The ale was a deep copper color, with a bit of an orange hue to it.  It produced a thin head that dissipated rather quickly and left a ring of lacing on the rim of my glass.  There was also some noticeable carbonation.  It gave off a potent scent of cinnamon and brown sugar, with some sweet pumpkin also noticeable.

As I drank the beer, I found more pumpkin in the taste.  However, malt, cinnamon and brown sugar were the primary flavors present, with a hoppy finish.  On the palate, the carbonation was noticeable but not overbearing.  It felt rather light on my tongue.

Overall, Pumking was definitely on the stronger side of the pumpkin beers.  It had some really powerful bursts of flavor.  If you like cinnamon, then this is your beer, as it is the predominant character here.

What to Drink This To:


I have always been a huge fan of Stan Winston, the special effects master behind many iconic films like Jurassic Park and The Terminator.  His directorial debut, Pumpkinhead, has always had a special place in my heart since I saw it.  The story of a man dealing with the death of his child and unleashing an unstoppable evil, it was a simple but effective story.  Obviously, since it was in the hands of Winston, the special effects are top notch, with the Pumpkinhead monster being one of my favorites, especially in design and execution.  It may not be as dense as some other horror movies, but Pumpkinhead (if you ask me) is rightfully deserving of its cult following.

Enjoy a bottle of Pumking as you watch the horrors of Pumpkinhead unfold.

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