Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Red Carpet In San Francisco – A Photogallery

Bill Watters made it to the Red Carpet premier of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in San Francisco on Thursday, June 26th, and has kindly offered to let us run them on Bleeding Cool. I have to say I'm liking Gary Oldman's sunglasses despite all.

And here's Watters' photogallery:

Bill Watters is an event producer, photographer, reporter, and software engineer living in San Francisco. Currently loving writing about and photographing the national geek and fandom scene as well as the latest happenings on both big and small screen. @BillRW3

About Bill Watters

Games programmer by day, geek culture and fandom writer by night. You'll find me writing most often about tv and movies with a healthy side dose of the goings-on around the convention and fandom scene.