Do Disney LuLaRoe Leggings Live Up To The Hype?

For the past few weeks, I've been talking about those Disney LuLaRoe Leggings. A number of you reached out to me, and while I wasn't able to reply to every single email, I thank everyone who took the time out to email me. One LuLaRoe distributor — Jen McDowell — was kind enough to send me a pair to review. This was also during my crunch time for San Diego Comic-Con, so I was pretty frantic in trying to get everything ready for the con, and flat out forgot they were coming.

So after I came back from the con, these were on my mail pile! I was over the moon, but before I could try them on, my 6'0", 180-pound boyfriend was eager to try them on first. He had never worn leggings before, but he quickly understood why they are the only pants I own (that, and I work in a gym). However, this was a great way to demonstrate that the one-size leggings are indeed capable of fitting different body types. Nick is tall and pretty slender. I'm 4'11" and 135 pounds, so I'm by no means a lean person. But the leggings fit him well, and by golly, they fit me really well too. The Minnie Mouse design is adorable, and would be perfect to wear in any of the Disney theme parks.

I wore mine everywhere today. To Panera, the grocery store, the gym. They never bunched up and I didn't feel uncomfortable even when doing squats. I had a few women stop me to compliment them too (and to gush about other LLR items). And holy ding dongs, these leggings are buttery soft. Maybe LLR should be making bed sheets, as well. I have not washed them yet, but the instructions are simple: turn them inside out, and wash in a cold, gentle cycle. Hang them to dry. I can deal.

Would I buy more LuLaRoe? Sure, but only the Disney line. But hey, if they come out with more geek prints, I'll buy them, too — I really try to keep the nerdiest wardrobe possible. Thanks again to Jen, and to everyone who reached out to me!

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