How The Blogosphere Learned To Hate Captain America

Okay, buy now we've read the scandal about Captain America #602 released two weeks ago. We've scratched our heads wondering why this is still an issue. We've sold our copy on eBay and are planning to use the proceeds to fund anti-American abortion clincs.

But the train keeps rolling on, and the blogs have found a fun and colourful stick to keep banging on about, and hey, even Glenn Beck gave it a going over this weekend.

Let's have a few fun examples…


All Brubaker is doing is echoing the same tired, old media elitists that continually denigrate and belittle folks like the tea partiers and those who elected Scott Brown in Massachusetts. "Racists." "Bigots." "Stupid." "Crazy." "Childish." Etc.

And y'know what, Ed? Keep it up and you and your company are gonna go the same route that Air America and MSNBC are following. Straight. Down. The. Toilet. And I'll keep spending my money elsewhere — outlets that don't insult my intelligence or my beliefs, thank you very much.

Liberal Whoppers

With all the problems in the world, Captain America is going after people who disagree with the government's fiscal policy. On the plus side, the issue got the look of downtown Boise correctly.

Avid Editor's Insight;

The jihadi loving libtards are perverting Captan America to show people standing up for liberty as being evil. The progressives have killed million of people so far and intend to kill way more. It seems they are transforming old symbols of liberty into tyrannical propaganda.

Greensboro Tax Day Tea Party;

Way to go Marvel. There must be some comics fan out there who can give them hell. Or just quit buying their comics.

Hunting Muses;

What's next? Captain French is going to fight wine makers? Is Captain Britain going to beat up some… British stereotype? Hey, I remember an anti-tax, anti-government from around the late 1700s. They had some real rebels in there with names like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock, etc etc. How about after this Cap beats up on today's tea-party movement, he go back in time and beat up those protesters?

Red State;

Forget about Islamic terrorists and all that 9-11 stuff. The real danger to the Obama, hopey-changey socialistic utopia is none other than you. And, Captain America is going to do something about it! By the way, Captain America also thinks you're a racist.

Hot Air;

I'm surprised the archvillian isn't a female superhero from Alaska with glasses and "big breasts," the way the right-wing rabble likes 'em. Something to shoot for in the next issue, I guess.

Ed Driscoll;

Look out Tea Partiers — Captain America is swinging into action against you! And given the steady leftward tilt of the comic industry in the past couple of decades, that's sadly not at all surprising.

American Catholic:

The hoot about this is that as long as the Republicans had the White House, the comics were filled with paranoid story lines involving evil government plots. With Obama in the White House, it is now evil to protest the government.

Nice Deb;

To pretend that the average Americans who make up the tea party movement are menacing looking as a group is just plain dishonest.

If you want to see scary, freaky looking mobs, you really have to hearken back to the anti-war protests of the Bush years:

And then there were the Nazi allegation allegations.

Conservative Scalawag

Recently Marvel Comics got political again, with having Captain America go after Tea Party folks. Cause you know, Tea Party folks are just as bad as Nazis, according to Marvel Comics.

Doctor Bulldog And Ronin;

Un-freakin'-believable! Hey, you can't make this stuff up!

Since Captain America is most noted for his fight against Nazism, I do believe that Marvel Comics is calling us Tea Party folks, "Nazis."

Massapequa Tea Party;

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen the Leftist Scum at Marxist Comics has joined the friends of the NATIONALIST SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT PARTY.
by pissing on Captain America.
Hmmmmmm…… who was it that said"He who controls the minds of the youth ,controls the future????

The big name though has to be James Hudnall. Hudnall is a comic creator of long standing and one of the Eisner Judges this year. He writes;

The problem is, Marvel, like DC to a large extent, is run by and largely created by Progs these days. People who mostly adhere to the "progressive" worldview. There isn't much diversity of political thought over at these companies. Progs tend to exclude those who don't follow the party line. They feel more comfortable in a groupthink environment. And this leads to a kind of "bubble mentality" that comes with living in an echo chamber. In the case of Marvel it sometimes becomes unintentionally rank — with a lot of Obama worship — from Spider-Man teaming up with the Prez to Captain America saluting and praising him in the "Who Will Wield the Shield." There sure wasn't too much positive being said about Bush during his administration in comics, when they mentioned him at all. But Obama has been praised and venerated from the get go. Like his Nobel prize for just showing up, the comic world's been awfully uncritical of a president who's sinking faster in the polls than any president since Eisenhower.

Hudnall goes on to give a little slammage Bendis and Brubaker for being left wing writers,

From what I've read of his work, and I've read a lot, it generally doesn't creep in that much. Just a dot here and there like you'd expect from a Hollywood writer. Brubaker lives in the San Francisco Bay area. And occasionally he's thrown in some lefty views in his work. He generally doesn't as a rule. But his latest Captain America crosses the line and it needs addressing.

And takes on specifics in the story;

The American government has put psychotic criminals in charge of the Avengers (still ongoing at the time of this story apparently), but the Bucky Captain America is trying to stop a peaceful protest of the government because that's wrong? In other words, he is defending a fascist state and oppressing the little guy. That's heroism, man! Stick it to those "teabaggers."

The moral of this story? Don't expect #602 to make any Eisner nomination lists this year…

Of course is that's not entertaining enough, check out some of the comments;

Funny how Captain America has more in common with Karl Marx than the founding fathers.

On one hand, Marvel has a Catholic hero, Nightcrawler, who is one of the mutant "extra men" also known as "X-Men". Nightcrawler looks like a demon but grew up in a monastery and carries a rosary. On the other hand, Marvel hosted students from the Harvey Milk School in observation of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Day, so it would be prudent to carefully screen materials from Marvel before placing them in the hands of young readers.

Maybe they should change the name to Captain Communist. Laudable Liberal? The Peerless Progressive? Daunting Douchebag? Any of these would fit, and they wouldn't have to smear Americans anymore with their Craptacular Comic.

The Big Tea Party I attended and sent pictures of that ACE posted show very clearly that that they were all white and I'm proud of that fact. If like minded white people want to congregate together, we have NOTHING to apologize for.

Its good when your enemy exposes themselves for the trash that they are. Marvel comics, race baiting smear merchants who would rather see your daughter as a prostitute than a patriot. It would seve them right for their kids to end up in an Acorn whorehouse.

Its a sad pity that Marvel took Captian America and turned him into mertosexual Capt Americant…

I think Marvels Newspeak Division is really stretching on this one

And Joe thought the message boards on Newsarama were bad…

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