Kimota! Gets New, Updated, Hardcover Edition

marvelman-quesada-681x1024Amazon Canada has a listing for a new version of Kimota! The Miracleman Companion, in hardcover, fully updated, for next year.

The original version of Kimota! from TwoMorrows written and compiled by George Khoury, was considered a go-to source for the whole Marvelman/Miracleman creator/publication/ownership affair when it was published almost ten years ago, interviewing all the major players, but has been out of print for some time, fetching $40-$50 in the open market as a result.

Which is also round about the cover price of the new edition, but that's double the length, covering the Marvel buyout and icluding new interviews with Neil Gaiman, the elusive Dean Mullaney, Dave McKean and a never-completed Miracleman: Apocrypha story. Alex Ross contributed a new cover.

It will also presumably address the criticism brought against ithe orginal version by Alan Davis, and ask Eclipse owner Dean Mullaney some hard questions over Alan Davis' allegations that Eclipse stole his rights to the Marvelman artwork he'd created.

This combined with the Emotiv Records/Jon Campbell-authored upcoming DVD "Who Stole Marvelman" and whatever it is that Marvel will or will not be publishing means we'll be revisiting the archeological digs of Marvelman a great deal more in the coming year.

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