Monday Runaround – Swiping Now Declared Unlawful

Monday Runaround – Swiping Now Declared UnlawfulCommissionWatch: Ben Templesmith draws Zatanna.


From an old Lying In The Gutters…


So, what's the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The low-budget comic with a cool name making a splash on the small press scene?

"Roller-Derby Robo-Dykes vs. the Cannibals" by Sina Grace

See, now, you'd buy that, wouldn't you?

Sina is the co-creator of L'il Depressed Boy currently burning up the charts and movie options…

GranitoWatch: From Artinfo

NEW YORK—In a landmark decision handed down in spirited fashion last Friday, Manhattan federal court judge Deborah Batts ruled against Richard Prince and the Gagosian Gallery in a copyright lawsuit brought
by French photographer Patrick Cariou, who claimed that the prominent appropriation artist had unlawfully used his photographs in a series of paintings and other works. The ruling both affects millions of dollars worth of Prince artworks and promises to send tremors though the art community at large, where appropriation has become a widespread artistic strategy despite its often tenuous legality under the United States' statute of "fair use."

CartoonWatch: The 99 will appear on US television in the autumn.

ToddWatch: On Peter David's Hulk.

I was doing "Hulk," this is pre-blowing up on "Spider-Man," and what was frustrating me was that the writer was giving me these outlines and they were so dense that for me to get all the story in I was putting seven or eight panels a page. It was way too many panels.

"So the writer gave me a story. It may have been issue 338 or 339. The cover has a black background. Hulk is flying and he's holding Betty in his arms. I remember I phoned my editor and I said, "Bob, let me just throw an idea at you. This story the writer just gave me — it's a cool story — but I think it's two issues and if you would allow me to break it into two parts that will allow me to open up the book and — God forbid — I'd actually be able draw a big Hulk for the first time because I don't know if you guys have noticed but that's the title of this book! It's Hulk and we keep drawing Wimp! I haven't had a chance to draw the dude the way that he should look.

"In this particular issue there's a moment where Hulk has a meeting with Betty, the general's daughter who we know from the movie, and in that you can see that Betty is 110 pounds and this dude is a thousand pounds. You just go wow. Even if he just gave her a bear hug or he flipped her, he was going to do damage.

"Then I was able to backlight the shot. It was this moody-looking Hulk and the wind was blowing so Betty was standing there holding her shoulders, shivering in the night. You see this defenseless 100-pound woman facing this freight train and, if I remember, the next page or two it was a tender moment of what looks like a Beauty and the Beast sequence. That one page conveyed a lot in terms of atmosphere and mood and scale and tenderness and scariness; it was all there, in one shot."

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Zack Snyder Talks 'Sucker Punch' And 'Superman'

Q: It seemed like you'd done your comic book movies with 300 and Watchmen, but was Superman just too good to pass up?

ZS: Yeah, and in a lot of ways it's a different thing for me. It's a chance to do it for real. I think 300 and Watchmen are both particular in their graphic novels. I almost don't even see them as superhero movies. I see them as they're both novels. It's all about the story and the way the story exists as a work of literature. For me, Superman is a whole other thing. He's a character that we get to explore. I can make a movie that's not an indictment but really a celebration of the character.

Q: Are you working with DC or is it all you, Nolan and Goyer?

Zack Snyder: It's all me, Nolan and Goyer. I mean, I meet with the DC guys but they don't really [get involved.] It's all us figuring it out.

YouTube – THOR – Low-Quality Tv Spot

Some new footage.


YouTube – C2E2 Green Lantern Chalk Art Time Lapse

Artist Eric Maruscak creates another giant chalk mural, this time at C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois. The original art was from an Ivan Reis illustration of the Green Lantern. This chalk mural is 9 feet wide by 14 feet tall and took 30 hours to complete.


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