No Rest For The Lazy – Preview Groo: Friends And Foes #6 From Dark Horse

Sergio Aragones is the delight of any convention he attends, and the fact that the comic Groo is still running, probably the first comic book I ever read, is even more delightful to me. There is quite simply nothing like it that lampoons so effectively whatever aspect of human life strikes Sergio's fancy at any time as well as the tropes of the fantasy warrior genre in fiction or comics.

STK674377Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragones, and Stan Sakai (cover art) have put together the fresh series Friends and Foes to follow Groo into new territory as he embarks on a money-making scheme with the Sage.

Dark Horse describe this issue thus:

You'd think the smartest man in the world would be wise enough to not have Groo as a friend! The Sage has developed another scheme to amass wealth without working hard . . . but how clever can a scheme be that relies in any way on our hero? From the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier.

And here's our preview of Friends and Foes #6:

GROOFRIFO #6 PG 12 GROOFRIFO #6 PG 13 GROOFRIFO #6 PG 14 GROOFRIFO #6 PG 15Groo: Friends and Foes #6 is out June 17th, and is currently listed in Previews World with item code: APR150038

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