One Hundred And Twenty-Six Things We Learned At San Diego Comic Con

sdcc-robocopFrom Rich Johnston, Hannah Means-Shannon, Alex Wilson, Frazer Brown, Raymond Brown, Lois Falcetti, Maxwell Heech, Joshua Stone, Chris L'Ando, Matt Stills, Joshua Stone, Endymion Mageto and Mark Bourne of Bleeding Cool

  1. The two most reliable panels at the show for quality, year in, year out, are The Black Panel and The Sergio And Mark Show.
  2. You can sleep directly on the floor in your clothes if you are tired enough.
  3. Dan DiDio hugs like a bear.
  4. Frank Cho really likes booby cosplayers. And they really like him.
  5. We may get more than one Captain Marvel book next year from Marvel Comics, they have big plans.
  6. Only ten or so years ago, Marvel had no booth. Now they have a train that runs through San Diego.
  7. Those who say San Diego is no longer about comics are wrong. Comics remain at the centre of the literature, the programming and the booths and displays, more than anywhere else. It's just there's other stuff as well. Comic Con evangelises comics to other fanbases.
  8. Even if you get a DC VIP Guest Pass, your name still has to be on the list.
  9. The plan to kick everyone out of the exhibit hall and the end of Sunday was a total and complete failure.
  10. Rob Liefeld was telling folk at the bar that Cable will be in the next X-Force movie
  11. Sunday afternoon must've been huge for retailers because Hall A-B were jammed with people shopping.
  12. Folks at the Stan Lee Signing were taking used tickets and reselling them to people around the booth at a higher cost.
  13. The hit of Artist Alley was the amazing Katie Cook. The only table with line control.
  14. The legendary Congressman John Lewis seems preoccupied with signing stuff.
  15. The "Limited edition" of the Impractical Jokers is riddled with mistakes.
  16. "Jumbo" hot dogs are named so because of the price.
  17. I am not alone. If you talk to others fans in signing lines, you'll find others are just as passionate about Comics as you and share a good many of the same experiences.
  18. Jerry Ordway is the nicest, insightful, interesting and chattiest person I've met at a con.
  19. You really should approach the con via the harbor rather than via the street during con hours and somehow no one knows this.
  20. There were way fewer Homestuck cosplayers than usual
  21. There were way more Game Of Thrones cosplayers than usual
  22. TARDISes are sexy
  23. I learned that Doctor Who is reached new levels as they made an 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head.
  24. I learned that Matt Smith is supercool and signed my 11th Doctor Mr. Potato Head at the Nerdist podcast live. (Yes, this just a nerd brag.)
  25. Hello Kitty Uglydolls are the best things in the world ever. Even better than Dr Who Potato Heads.
  26. Dynamite announced fifteen projects without actually having a booth or any panels.
  27. Star Wars cosplayers gang up and storm local restaurants for cooked breakfasts, literally forcing them to open but staff are nervously polite about it.
  28. It is possible to get a Funko exclusive that you never thought you could get by turning up in the last hour of con. Totally counterintuitive.
  29. Neither Mike Mignola nor Scott Allie can keep track of all the Hellboy titles but somehow keep track of every event in that universe and how they relate.
  30. The Hyatt bar really is a con of its own only drunker.
  31. Kick Ass 2 spent their money on Comic Con instead of a premiere. Smart people.
  32. It is still possible for indie comics to make good at San Diego.
  33. Never go to Hall H. Just don't do it.
  34. Always go to Hall H at least once. You'll find a way.
  35. John Barrowman and Jonathan Ross make a cute couple.
  36. Neil Gaiman and Chip Kidd make an even cuter couple.
  37. Image Comics really knows how to design a booth. Did they dig up Frank Lloyd Wright?
  38. Everyone in comics knows each other somehow from the greatest to the least, and the connections are stranger than fiction.
  39. George R. R. Martin was first published in a Fantastic Four fan letter.
  40. Jonathan Ross called Rich Johnston before the Eisners – but called his home phoe by mistake, waking up his wife.
  41. Mike Mignola's folklore library is barely even touched yet and all are sources for Hellboy.
  42. That the old guard celeb artists don't get offered work anymore by the big two.
  43. David Duchovny charges for an autograph despite starring in a prime time show.
  44. Joss Whedon and I both use the same editor.
  45. The Marriott has a great pool bar. Every now and then, someone will jump in.
  46. 7-11 has $1 pizza.
  47. You have line up to get a ticket to line up for the chance of winning the chance to line up and pay for an autograph. And then probably line up to exit.
  48. You can have a line for a line.
  49. IDW X-Files comics following is three times bigger than the room provided.
  50. There a way too many Zenescope style comics.
  51. There is a big market for Zenescope style comics.
  52. Many stalls use the "hot woman" sales tactic, not understanding some con goers can barely talk to each other let alone a hot woman.
  53. There are very few female professionals in attendance.
  54. Enders game looks very, very dull.
  55. Lloyd Kaufman is awesome.
  56. Stan Lee is awesome and funny.
  57. Michelle Rodriguez makes very good points eloquently and with a slight tinge of aggression.
  58. The women kicking ass was the most inspiring panel of the con. Despite every man in the audience talking through it.
  59. People get very, very passionate at very, very trivial things.
  60. The Batman/Superman announcement was preceded by a Dark Knight Returns quote confusing a lot if the audience.
  61. A hairless Karen Gillen still looks hotter that than Chip Kidd's Spartan.
  62. San Diego is a really nice place to live.
  63. Tom Cruise can genuinely sing.
  64. The cosplay orgy doesn't exist.
  65. Petco Park would be a better choice for the hall h presentations.
    One Hundred And Twenty-Six Things We Learned At San Diego Comic Con
  66. Jason Mewes is pushing Kevin Smith to do TV
  67. Dark Horse wants to do a 2nd RIPD comic
  68. American women like Doctor Who.
  69. Michael Davis has a real thing for East Asian women
  70. Wayne Brady wants to be Doctor Who.
  71. Bob Wayne is an expert at not answering questions. Just try him on Stephanie Brown.
  72. Arkham Origins is in name only.
  73. Princess Leia cosplay is no longer in vogue and has been replaced by women dressing as the Doctor, or the Tardis.
  74. Matt Smith surprises people dressed as the Doctor from his car by winding the window down and surprising them. However some don't recognise him. Not until he's been driven off.
  75. Being at the con at 4:30pm on Sunday is a lonely place. But you can get the best deals.
  76. If you get a chance to go to an Assassins Creed 4 party on a pirate ship – do it. It's awesome.
  77. People love free crap no matter what it is.
  78. I'm confident I could get into the Superbowl with less trouble than Hall H.
  79. Cosplayers have no body image issues regardless of shape and size. This is a good thing.
  80. Don't camp the night for hall H with no sleeping bag / cover or provisions. It's bloody cold.
  81. Sam Humphries is a funny dude.
  82. Regardless of what comic book related costume or T shirt you're wearing, or the fact that 80 percent of the people on the street are similarly attired, when you walk through the Gaslamp district on a Friday or Saturday night, drunk assholes will sing the Batman TV show theme to mock you.
  83. If you bend down to put something in our bag, you're more than likely going to end up with your head in someone's ass
  84. The best way to make friends is to hold up a sign that says "the line starts here."
  85. Rob Liefeld does not take kindly to being asked to draw a foot as a commission from a fan
  86. Rob Liefeld was very humble when I thanked him for the nineties.
  87. Chris Evans walks very quickly for someone so short.
  88. Cab drivers think Sunday of Comic Con is the worst day of the year.
  89. No one will go as far as Joshua Dysart to research a book.
  90. Apart from Duane Swierczynski
  91. There is a lot of money to be made selling umbrellas outside of the con
  92. Make sure to break my leg a week before the con starts so I get a scooter to ride around the whole time
  93. Put sunscreen on behind your ears. Seriously.
  94. Asking hard questions about Stephanie Brown at DC comics panels will get you a Kindle
  95. People are still really peeved about that whole Spider-Man/Doc Ock switcheroo.
  96. David Mack is in way to good shape to be a comic book artist.
  97. Tom Jane arrived at the show on Friday, child in tow wearing a fedora, no shoes and no badges. Had to wait for someone to bring him his badge.
  98. Jonathan Ross dropped a six figure sum on buying art at the show, including a complete eight page Jack Kirby story.
  99. Steam is the new digital.
  100. Go to the talk back panel, things will get ugly fast and you want to see this!
  101. When in doubt about what to wear most go with the less is more strategy.
  102. You don't have to pass a logic test to be con security.
  103. Dan Jurgens has never been asked to do a New 52 superman sketch, he says people miss Supes' red undies
  104. Mattel's pre order for exclusives was a great idea and incredibly efficient
  105. Anna Paquin freaks out around large crowds
  106. Jenna Malone affects a little girl voice and manner despite being 28
  107. Campers at night for hall H can be really considerate.
  108. If you camp you get asked by every passer by "what are you waiting for?" they have no genuine interest in the answer before asking.
  109. Men are mostly lecherous smelly pigs.
  110. Male con goers prefer the cubicle to the urinal regardless of need. Meaning you have a fast track for a pee.
  111. Male Hall H attendees poop A LOT. Prob nachos and pizza are the culprits.
  112. A Hall H coke is $4,the same price as Naxos, this makes no sense.
  113. Evangeline Lilly is a lovely, lovely person.
  114. The look of fear is clearly evident in most celebs faces when approached by fans.
  115. Fans are generally very sweet natured and pleasant.
  116. Having "bleeding cool" on my con badge makes me a minor celebrity to some.
  117. This minor celebrity allows me no privileges with SDCC officials
  118. Rich Johnston does not have "bleeding cool" on his con badge.
  119. He also looks like Edward Snowden. I wonder…
  120. Hallmark only sells to exhibitors on Sunday so fans get there exclusives first
  121. Every costume can be made better with body glitter.
  122. People will queue round the block for a glow in the dark chicken/frog combination without wondering why.
  123. On Sunday you will want to buy everything you see due to the amazing deals.
  124. At 5pm on Sunday when they announce the exhibit floor is closed, all the exhibitors cheer.
  125. You'll never see and do as much as you intend to do at San Diego but it'll end up being more than you could see or do anywhere else.
  126. Geoff Johns will never give Rainbow Rider a chance.

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