Teaser Trailer For True Detective's Season Finale

Have you been watching True Detective this season? I have, and I've been hooked. The one thing I haven't done is look around too much for spoilers or dig too deep into fan theories about who the Yellow King is, which made last night's big reveal so much better.

But even I can't resist this tease of the season finale, which is really a series finale in some sense since neither director Cary Fukunaga nor stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey will return for season 2. Next season will feature a brand new cast and story.

So we are seven hours in and one to go on the story of Marty Hart, Rusty Cohle and their search for the sadistic torturer and murderer of women and children. Here's a glimpse of the last episode, which thankfully is full of imagery that won't make much sense until it's all put into context. It seems like not enough time to wrap everything up, but then remember how great episode 5 was in doing just that?

It's going to be hard to top True Detective as the best show on TV right now. The season finale airs this Sunday night at 9pm on HBO.


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