Thursday Trending Topics: Big Barda

Thursday Trending Topics: Big BardaNo Wonder Woman or Rob Granito in trending topics for the first time in awhile, displaced in part by a pair of historical topics: Jim Shooter's account of the circumstances surrounding the infamous Marvel art theft, and the old old school Comics Journal. Speaking of comics history, pretty cool to see TCJ getting their historical archives online. Would love to see other longtime industry periodicals like CBG do the same.  Meanwhile, on the tv/film side of the page, Turtles make a reappearance.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Jim Shooter On The Great Jack Kirby Art Theft

In 1987, Jack Kirby got about a fifth of the ten thousand pages of artwork he created for Marvel over the previous four decades back, and that was after considerable legal wrangling.

Things You Just Couldn't Get Away With These Days #197 (NSFWIYWIARPO)

And here is a cover from issue 31 featuring DC Comics' Big Barda, drawn by the late Dave Cockrum.

Peter David Writes New Spider-Man Game, "Edge Of Time"

One of these days people will make convention announcements at the convention itself.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Supergirl XXX Porn Parody Pics (SFW)

It's a Thursday so there must be a porn parody going on somewhere.

Doctor Who Trailer Dissected

An energy crisis, along with the return of a familiar setting…

Teenage Mutated Ninja Turtles – Lots Of New Images, Some New Toes

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are getting a makeover for a new Nickelodeon TV series. It's some ways away yet, but they've already started courting the hardcore fans with presentation days, giveaway merch and these first-look images.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

Thursday Trending Topics: Big Barda

Thursday Trending Topics: Big Barda

Thursday Trending Topics: Big Barda

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