Retailers Think Matt Kindt & Matt Smith's Folklords #1 Is The Next Hit Series?

Last week we told you that speculators were already honing in on Matt Kindt and Matt Smith's Folklords #1 as the next big creator-owned hit comic. Much like we suspected first, the new series has the signs of being another hit creator-owned book for Boom Studios by appealing to Middlewest fans by inverting the traditional paradigm, with a "reverse Harry Potter" story. Think if instead of Harry Potter growing up in a mundane existence in Surrey, he grew up in a fantasy world plagued by visions of our modern world.

In a year that includes blockbusters like Once & Future, Something is Killing The Children and Faithless, Boom continues to ratchet up their rivalry with Image Comics in their Marvel vs DC-esque feud for the hearts, minds and dollars of readers. I mean, Boom aren't ging to beat Undiscovered Country. But they'll give it a damn good try.

And it doesn't hurt to have the writer behind what looks to be a blockbuster television series in Grass Kings, which key collectors & speculators are saying is in development with Legendary.

Of course, if you want to make folks think blockbuster, having Once & Future (and Buffy and Power Rangers) artist Dan Mora do a variant cover at FOC is a pretty good indicator – and it looks like Boom has done just that for this new launch. This FOC variant cover strategy seems to have worked out well in the past, including Jenny Frison on Something Is Killing The Children #1 and Lee Bermejo on Faithless #1, resulting in big jumps at FOC.

Do Retailers Think Matt Kindt & Matt Smith's Folklords #1 Is The Next Hit Series?

And Mouse Guard's David Petersen has let us know that he's working on a Folklords cover too.

The company also recently released an early advance version of the Folklords #1 PDF (as they did for Once & Future and Something Is Killing The Children) to retailers and now that they've read the book, they're tweeting about it – and quite positively at that, which isn't something we normally see before FOC when retailers are often more focused on getting their orders in.

Here's a glimpse at what they're saying:

Chris Wildgoose, artist of BOOM!'s upcoming Alienated with Si Spurrier is excited:

So is Duncan Fegredo (though he might be a bit biased as a variant cover artist for the issue):

And even Eisner winner John Allison of Giant Days fame is getting in on it too:

The last time Boom had this kind of advance buzz it was on Something is Killing The Children #1  – and we all remember the 170% increase at FOC along with the many sellouts since then.

Will Folklords #1 be the next big Boom hit to follow in this tradition? It certainly looks like retailers and speculators are both – somewhat miraculously – in agreement that this book is one to watch. But that doesn't mean there will be enough copies on shelves, so when we're running those fourth printing articles just remember that we warned you. I mean, it's no Undiscovered Country, but still…

Folklords #1 is on-sale in comic shops on Wednesday, November 13.

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