Review: Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever. It's All Relative is a joyful read!

In times like these it's important to find comfort in places. For me, I find comfort in classic Archie stories. Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever #1 It's All Relative is exactly what I, and possibly you, need in a time like this.

Veronica is on edge because her cousin Leroy is in town. Leroy is a much younger kid, and takes great joy out of pranking Veronica (and other adults in his life). Betty suggests bringing in another young prankster — Jokester Jess — to teach Leroy a lesson. Unfortunately Leory and Jess hit it off, much to the dismay of Betty and Veronica, Following, we have "A Chip off the Old Bloke". When Smithers' handsome nephew — Liam — from London comes to visit, Veronica is decidedly beside herself. When Betty sets her eyes on Liam, the two compete for his affection. This exhausts poor Liam, but Betty and Veronica can not be stopped!

The four stories in this issue are short, sweet, and fun. Bill Golliher takes the very best of classic Archie and presents them in modern times so kids can relate to them. He's a funny writer, and a staple in the Archie universe. Teaming up with him on pencils is Archie legend Dan Parent. What more can be said about Dan? He basically molded the modern classic Archie world. Jim Amash's inks are defining, smooth, and bold. Glenn Whitmore's colors are bright and happy, adding an air of joy to each story. Jack Morelli's letters flow well, and help the reader know the tone and pitch for each dialogue bubble.

This delightful read can be found at your local comic shop. Since this is going to be an ongoing series, I strongly urge you to add this to your pull box. This book is perfect for younger readers, so if you have a youngster in your life — why not get them hooked on Archie?

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