San Diego Pro Registration To Open Today (UPDATE)

Okay, this should a be a fairly sedate affair in comparison to previousattempts to attend San Diego.

Today is the day that the San Diego Comic Con 2011 opens to professional registration.

Previous-attending professionals should have received notification and their registration code by now, unless they are special guests, or attending via their companies. Those who haven't, may have to complete First Time Registration in a few weeks, initially online, and then sending in the required evidence of professional status to follow.

It may be worth considering if you may count as a professional. It's not so much about earning a living from comics, but… making comics and getting them out there. This might include ashcans, webcomics and the like. And this is what you might need;

• an original or a photocopy of the credits page
• a sample of the work
• a screen capture
• a printed out webpage, IMBD, MobyGames, etc. which clearly displays your name and title as an artist

The site says if you're not sure whether you'll be accepted, apply anyway, and then also apply for a normal attendee registration (whenever that goes live again) because they can be returned up till June.

Comic Con is a wonderful show that I think everyone who is a fan of comics, whether they work in it or not, should attend once in their lives. You'll be told by some that it's too big, it's not the same and there's too much non-comics content, but San Diego is so big, it becomes the show that you make it. You could spend the entire time just going to the relatively-poorly attended academic courses that run through the show and never queue for anything or see a Slave Leia. Or you ciould just queue up ovenight and live in Hall H. It's your call.

It is my favourite comic con. I hope to see as many of you there as I can.

UPDATE: Reports and that professional registration has been smooth and easy.

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