She-Hulk #163 Review: A Deservedly Uplifting Conclusion

She-Hulk and Hellcat chaperone the prom of Burn, aka teenage mutant Bethany Bellamy, in their civilian identities of Jen Walters and Patsy Walker. Patsy tries to get Jen to talk about her many recent struggles with her powers and career. Unfortunately, an anti-mutant hate group crashes the prom, and it's up to She-Hulk and Hellcat to save the day.

She-Hulk #163 cover by Rahzzah
She-Hulk #163 cover by Rahzzah

The third series from Marvel ending this week, She-Hulk #163 brings some much-needed closure and resolution to the life of Jen Walters. After the emotionally intense and heavy series from Mariko Tamaki, it's nice to have an uplifting finale that insinuates that She-Hulk's life is looking up.

It is a text-heavy issue, with much of the comic consisting of banter between Jen and Patsy, but it's quick and entertaining dialogue. Plus, it allows the comic to close out the many loose ends it had dangling from its series. That doesn't excuse the mass of text, but it's far better than something like Rise of the Black Panther.

Plus, Hellcat is hilarious and so endearing in this book. She has a great sense of humor and genuinely cares about Jen.

There is some brief action towards the end in the form of She-Hulk and Hellcat smashing up the anti-mutant "protestors" who came loaded to bear. She-Hulk pacifies them and then delivers a satisfying verbal dressing down.

She-Hulk #163 art by Mariko Tamaki and Federico Blee
She-Hulk #163 art by Mariko Tamaki and Federico Blee

Diego Olortegui's artwork is solid. It's a cartoony style with lighter detailing and large eyes. When it's time for the She-Hulk to arrive, it comes alive, though. Federico Blee's color art is bright, saturated, and appealing. Overall, the comic looks decent. It's not astonishing, but it's not bad either.

She-Hulk #163 is an uplifting and lighthearted conclusion to this thematically heavy series. Jen Walters gets the resolution she deserves, Hellcat brings some fun and snark. The art's not amazing, but it's not bad. This one earns a recommendation. Pick it up.

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