Take An Intense Journey With Reyn Vol. 1: Warden Of Fate This June (UPDATE)

I'm always on the look out for new comics that I haven't read, and it's well known that Image Comics is one of my favorite publishers to read books from. So when I came across the news that a series I hadn't read yet was being collected into a volume, I was pretty happy. What series am I talking about, you ask? That would be Reyn Vol. 1: Warden of Fate. Written by Kel Symons, illustrated by Nate Stockman, with colors by Paul Little, and letters by Pat Brosseau, Reyn is a freelance swordsman and monster-hunter. With that, he's also the last of the legendary "Wardens" whose ranks long ago faded from the land of Fate into myth. When Reyn is haunted by visions from his "guiding angel" Aurora, his path is set on a dangerous quest against the mysterious Venn. However, he's not alone in his journey. He teams up with a woman with witch like powers named Seph, and together they discover that Fate holds an incredible secret.

Sounds pretty intense to me. Besides the awesome storyline, I took a look at some of the artwork and wow, talk about intense. It definitely has an edgier look to it, but I'm sure that fits with the action filled plot. I'll definitely be adding this one to my list of comics to binge read. Reyn Vol. 1: Warden of Fate hits stores on June 17th and will collect issues #1-5.

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