Thanos #13 Review: A Thrilling Jumping-On Point With An Entertaining New Character

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Thanos #13 from Marvel Comics by Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Antonio Fabela, and Clayton Cowles marks a new start for the series with a new creative team, taking the story in a new direction.

Following on from the previous run and finding the Mad Titan on Chitauri Prime, the issue explores the secret fears of all the heroes, gods and monsters of the Marvel Universe: what would happen if one day Thanos won.

Thanos #13 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

It's an intriguing exploration so far, with Thanos raised as such a horrifying threat through Cates's very strong narration and poetic language. It's also remarkably fun — not only because of the morality thrill in following the bad guy, but also in no small part due to the introduction of a new Ghost Rider character who manages to have one of the most heavy metal introductions in all of comics.

The character has an element of intrigue about him, as he may actually be someone we know already. But what he's become is something wild, crazy and no end of fun. It makes for a wonderful addition to what could have been too much of a dark or lofty story, adding an important element of fun to the proceedings.

Shaw and Fabela's artwork adds to all this, creating a powerful-looking Thanos who looks grizzled and weary — mentally, not physically, but a sense of frustration that is key to the story. This is shown wonderfully through the character's depiction and actions, rather than needing to be spelled out. Plus, the size and detail of some of the actions and scenes is so broad to make for a truly epic feeling beginning.

All in all, Thanos #13 is a tremendously fun start to a new arc and creative teams story. It will be a lot of fun to see exactly how it progresses over time.

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