Make Money With Madefire! A New Way To Publish Comics Digitally

Today, motion comic book publisher and distributor, Madefire, has launched a new app, Motion Book Publisher to openly enable comic book publishers to build their own storefront, apps and publish books across multiple platforms and products. Currently there are major incompatibility issues regarding different devices, Motion Book Publisher seeks remove these by creating a new adaptable standard, that […]

DeviantArt Speaks About Pulling Out Of San Diego Artist Alley Sponsorship

Online art creation facilitator DeviantArt has sponsored Artists' Alley at San Diego Comic Con for the last four years, adding plush carpet and helping it be the destination location it deserves to be, as the heart and soul of the show. This year, however, they will not be attending or sponsoring the area. Comic-Con sent […]

Is Raffaele Ienco Working On A Mad Max Comic?

Posted to Raffaele Ienco's DeviantArt page are these sample designs and pages from a Mad Max comic book. With a new film out this year, it would make sense that someone would put together a Mad Max comic book project. And the creator of the astonishing Epic Kill comic book for Image comics, would seem […]

When A Creator Challenged The Print Sellers At Frank & Son Collectibles

A comic book creator who wishes not to be named visited Frank & Son Collectibles, regarding the selling of artwork owned by creators without their knowledge or permission. He writes, I am writing regarding an experience artist [REDACTED] and I had with the seller at Frank & Son Collectible Show. The work being sold by the […]

Welcome To El Paso's Mayhem Toyz & Comics & DeviantArt Images (UPDATE x2)

UPDATE x2: A new article examining evidence from Yvette Lomeli has been published here. Something tells me however that this is far from over. UPDATE: The owner of Mayhem Toyz & Comics, Yvette Lomeli contacted Bleeding Cool this morning requesting this article below be removed. She told us, We did not steal anyone's artwork from any website […]

The Mysteries Of Superman's Underpants Revealed

DeviantArt's journal depthRADIUS has recently published a short visual essay entitled "Secrets of Superman's Underwear", and it's actually quite a detailed analysis and argument that the necessities of comic book art publishing lay behind the choice for Superman to be depicted with his underwear on the outside. I've previously heard many debates about this (because […]

That 'Fangirls' T-Shirt Of Wondercon

This was a T-shirt design created last year on DeviantArt. In the safe, warm, misogynist community of the comment forum, there were welcoming quotes such as "Friend wore it to the cafeteria, where several Hambeasts occupy. Much laughs were had, especially when the desperate virgin white knights tried to defend them" or "Worst fangirl types […]

DeviantArt Gets $10 Million From Autodesk

If you are an up-and-coming artist today or at least want to be, you most likely have a page on deviantART, the social media and portfolio site that claims to have over 27 million users and generates 2.5 billion page views a month. The website has been around for thirteen years and unlike many other internet […]

Pop Culture Hounding Dave Gibbons And Herb Trimpe In Malta

Chris Thompson writes; [audio:] This week I take a look back at the absolutely amazing Malta Comic-Con I've recently returned from – then Taylor & I discuss some of the gems found there, including Sean Azzopardi's latest release Same Day Return. We also present a very special panel I conducted with comics industry legends Dave […]

Josh Hoopes Scams Two More On DeviantArt

Posing as Greg Garwood, Josh Hoopes has scammed two more people. Jessica writes; I posted on the DeviantArt forum job section enlisting a comic artist for a short story.  Many replied, but he was the most persistant and cordial.  I'd ask for character drawings as an audition and he was able to produce one, so […]

Swipe File: Eaglemoss Marvel Figurine And Deviant Art

On the left is the Eaglemoss lead figure of Siryn, part of their Classic Marvel Figurine Collection partwork line. On the right is a DeviantArt sketch by Kawika. Is the pose a total coincidence? Well, it could have been except the sculptor went and showed us his working out… with a new pencil sketch used […]

DeviantArt Launch New Ways To Pay Their Creators

Angelo Sotira, Co-Founder and CEO of deviantART, the website that lets creators upload their creative work, especially comic books, has announced a new payment model at the company. That is intended to let creators sell their work digitally, through deviantART, keeping an 80% cut of the revenue, whatever the sales level. Talking about the process […]

Daniel Araya's Justice League

With all this talk of Jim Lee leaving Justice League, here's some concept art from Daniel Araya on deviantArt Could you imagine a Justice League comic that looked like this?      

~Nhaar And Drunken Novice Win DeviantART Scholarships To San Diego Comic Con

That would be Anne Szabla from the USA and Rick from Sweden. Both are getting their air flight to San Diego Comic Con, hotel rooms and passes to the show for two days with $100 each for expenses, after winning the deviantART scholarship competition, entered by over a thousand creators. They'll be guests of deviantART, […]

DeviantART To Hang Huge Display Screens Over Artists Alley At San Diego Comic Con

Bleeding Cool has already told you that deviantART, the site that lets artists to showcase their work, is sponsoring Artists Alley at San Diego Comic Con this year. But we haven't told you how… DeviantART will be hosting two huge display screens that will hang from the ceiling over Artists' Alley. These screens will be […]

DeviantART Announces Two Scholarships To San Diego Comic Con 2011

Bleeding Cool reported a few weeks ago that it looked as if the aspiring artist website deviantART was being lined up to sponsor Artists Alley at San Diego Comic Con this year. Well, it looks like talks went well. Not only will deviantART sponsor the Artists Alley, with around two hundred comic book artists showing […]

DeviantART In Talks To Sponsor San Diego Comic Con Artists Alley

DeviantART is a long standing website that offers artists the shance to show their work in a social network, get work, sell work, and in many cases earn a living. So can you think of a better sponsor for Artists Alley at San Diego Comic Con this year? Providing support for artists there, including screens, […]

DeviantART Member Data Compromise Part of a Possible 100-Company Breach Investigated by FBI

DeviantART, an artist-centric social networking site used by numerous comic book artists has warned its members of a 3rd party service provider breach which may have compromised member's email addresses, names, and birth dates. But it now appears that the FBI is investigating a compromise encompassing data from several other companies including McDonalds and Walgreens, […]