The Amazing Spider-Man #64: Something Sinister This Way Cometh!

Poor Peter Parker always seems to have the deck stacked against him.  Whether it be in his friendships, jobs, or his love life, Spidey just can't seem to find an easy day.  But I guess that's what we like about him too, right?  Well, Pete has had plenty on his plate as of late in The Amazing Spider-Man, what with The Kingpin being Mayor of New York City and abusing his power to assemble supervillains against ol' Webhead and Boomerang as he searches for the Lifeline Tablet.

And if that's not enough, Spidey and Boomerang's roommate Randy Robertson has started dating The Beetle, the daughter of big bad Tombstone, who is at war with Robertson's father and Spidey's longtime friend Robbie.

And now, on top of all that, Marvel has sent us the following teaser about tomorrow's The Amazing Spider-Man #64 release:

The Amazing Spider-Man #64: Something Sinister This Way Cometh!
The teaser for tomorrow's release of The Amazing Spider-Man #64, courtesy of Marvel.

So what do we make of this?  Well, infamously, the word "sinister" has a lot of weight in Spider-Man history.  The greatest supervillain teams Spidey has faced have combined forces to attack our hero under the name The Sinister Six, consisting of various members since their first incarnation in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.  When did that issue come out, you ask?  1964.  And tomorrow's issue number?  64.

Could that be a coincidence?  Sure.  After all, The Beetle and her supervillain team, The Sinister Syndicate, have been featured as of late, and maybe they're teasing a bigger role for them.

But with The Kingpin assembling supervillain talent from beyond the grave and the involvement of Harry and Norman Osborn is all of that, could the Sinister Six be making a big comeback?  Maybe with some thought to be dead members with new powers?

I wouldn't bet against it, but there's only one way to find out, and that's to check out The Amazing Spider-Man #64, hitting shops tomorrow.

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