The Justice's League Return Teased In Flashpoint Beyond #3 (Spoilers)

As Bleeding Cool previously reported, today's Dark Crisis #3 teases a returning Justice League under the auspices of Black Adam. But not the Justice League you know best; they are still dead.

Black Adam - Who Will Lead The Justice League? (Dark Crisis #2 Spoilers)

Although we have also reported this as a feint by Pariah, "to power his weapons of war, Pariah has captured each member of the Justice League and trapped them on worlds suited to their every dream and desire…while the planets themselves slowly eat away at their respective inhabitants", empowered by the Great Darkness. But not everyone is hanging around to see it; the familiar Crisis figure Psycho-Pirate escaped to Hypertime. Hypertime was an early attempt by Grant Morrison, Tom Peyer, Mark Waid and others to bring back the DC Multiverse that had been done away with in Crisis On Infinite Earths. A series of alternate realities that diverged from the main continuity, but then reconnecting again at certain points. A main part of Kingdom Come and The Kingdom, it was there to explain blips in storytelling and continuity, and allowed non-continuity or alternate continuity storylines to bleed through to the main continuity if they were considered important enough. Touched back on by Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis, it was pushed to the side when a 52-world Multiverse returned in 2011, which has then exploded further by the events of Metal and Dark Metal, and now everything happened and everything mattered, while Infinite Frontier brought us The Omniverse in that vein.

Dr Manhattan Returns To Hypertime In Flashpoint Beyond #3 (Spoilers)


But Flashpoint Beyond, revisiting the world that came before the New 52 reboot, including items and characters touched by Dr Manhattan from Watchmen, now revealed as the instigator of the New 52. And a world that the Psycho Pirate came to hide from the Dark Crisis in. Making Flashpoint part of Hypertime, separate from the DC "Divine Continuum" of the Omniverse. Today's Flashpoint Beyond #3 throws other Flashpoint folk into the mix as well as Thomas Wayne, Superman and more…

Flashpoint Beyond #3

While Hypertime's separation from the Omniverse is underlined by The Time Masters, it shows why Psycho Pirate might want to wait out the Dark Crisis over here.

Flashpoint Beyond #3

And confirms that the Justice League is returning, that the Great Darkness will pass but also that the DC Universe will be getting another rewrite. Hey, what can I say, Dark Crisis is a Crisis, and it goes with the territory.

(W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Daniel Sampere
THE HOUSE OF NIGHTWING BURNS! As the good people of the world mourn the loss of the Justice League, the forces of evil have seized the opportunity to wreak havoc in a world without its heroes! Leading the charge is a super-powered Slade Wilson…but this time there's something dark fueling his rage. With a massive army laying siege to Titans Tower, only Nightwing will have what it takes to stand in the way of Deathstroke's forces-but is this a fight Dick Grayson can win? Look, up in the sky-reinforcements are on the way! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's…uh-oh…it's Cyborg Superman. The world burns as Pariah and the Great Darkness make their play for planet Earth in this jaw-dropping second issue! In Shops: Jul 05, 2022 SRP: $4.99

(W) Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams (A) Xermanico (CA) Mitch Gerads
The DC event of 2022 continues! Thomas Wayne's investigation into the Clockwork Killer goes sideways when he is confronted by a deadly alien invader the world knows as…Project: Superman? But what's happened to the Kryptonian and Krypton in the World of Flashpoint? Will Thomas Wayne do what he has to in order to stop Superman—or has he changed? And what are those strange earthquakes now erupting across reality?
Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 07/05/2022

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