Things Aren't Going Well for Cyclops and Wolverine This #XMenMonday

It's only X-Editor Jordan White's second week since his big fancy promotion, and he's already feeling the pressure! So we appreciate that, despite being busy, he still found time to post some quick previews for that most important of comic book holidays, X-Men Monday.

Things Aren't Going Well for Cyclops and Wolverine This #XMenMonday

But we're not very happy to see Cyclops being mistreated so soon!

On the other hand, we're always glad to see Wolverine take a psychic knife to the head. And since we know that Betsy is back to using a psychic sword, then can we assume that's Kwannon, who seemed to be back in action at the end of Hunt for Wolverine?

Things Aren't Going Well for Cyclops and Wolverine This #XMenMonday

Elsewhere Midtown Comics has announced a big signing for March 7th with Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Matthew Rosenberg, and Vita Ayala.

Over at Adventures in Poor Taste, Chris Hassan is gearing up for that site's Cyclops Week, which we'll definitely be tuning in for.

Kelly Thompson hasn't chimed in yet, but we know we can always count on some Mr. and Mrs. X previews from the superior Thompson twin (sorry, Zac), so we'll update this article later when she posts her X-Men Monday tweet.

Of course, this week sees the final issue of X-Men Disassembled, kicking off the Age of X-Man. Bleeding Cool had some spoilers about that over the weekend, which you can read here if you so desire.


We told you Kelly would come through!

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