Three Jokers Sequel? Not Yet, Jason Fabok Took Non-DC Work Instead

Jason Fabok has been showing off his new work on Instagram. And it's not what you may expect. Bleeding Cool scooped the news back in November that Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok were working on a sequel to their uber-successful Batman: Three Jokers series, but you may have to wait.

You may not see this for a while, but it's my future and its going to be incredible. Three Jokers has freed me from the grind and now I can focus on quality, and draw what I want. Cant wait until the day I can show all this off. Project 1 of 2021!

Three Jokers Sequel? Not Yet, Jason Fabok Took Non-DC Work Elsewhere
Credit: Jason Fabok

A lot of the stuff previous to that were rush jobs and forced work by DC, which I hated. Now, I can do what I want to with my time and can focus on books I actually want to draw and have say in

But it's not going to be crowdfunded. Jason Fabok continues;

Not now. But maybe in the future sometime. I dont really have the desire to do a crowdfunder and put up with the printing and selling ect. I just want to draw and focus on that. But I see the draw towards it. So maybe one day, or a hybrid like Tony Daniel or Keanu Reeves did.

but DC is so poorly run, it took 6 months to get back to us on our pitch…so I took work elsewhere.

Jason Fabok then elaborated on what has been going on.

I've worked for DC for 10 years and a majority of that was when the company was run like a well oiled machine with leadership that loved its creators and trusted them. It wasn't perfect, but there was a sense of trust and a willingness to listen to ideas. When I say the company is run poorly, its because I've seen it run well…for years. I love DC with a passion and want it to succeed. But right now, I dont think its being run well. And its ok to say that. Many people working there are saying tha same. For starters, they fired almost everyone I ever worked for at the company, many if which were passionate about the books and didnt deserve to go. Its ok to be truthful and call things out. Im not an employee and not blinded to the fact that the ownership can make bad decisions. I had to make a choice and work with someone who wanted my services. And thats ok. When the time comes Ill go back and produce more for DC and give them my all. Geoff and I have many many stories already brewing. But things are going to change bigtime in comics and you gotta make moves for your future.

Books that had previously planned from DC Comics are now being published by Image. Might Jason Fabok be joining him?

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