Tim Drake To Become The New Batman Beyond

Yesterday we ran the rumour that DC Comics were to kill off the Terry McGinnis character, the young man from the future known as Batman Beyond.

But is that the end of the superhero identity? Possibly not. I referred to the whiteboard images that were sent to me last year from the Futures End writers room. Which had this reveal.


I read that as Trm/BMB pulls the plug on Bro Eye – Trm being Terry McGinnis and BMB and Batman Beyond.

It's not TRM though is it?

It's Tim.

Tim Drake.

DC Comics will be taking the character of Tim Drake, currently Red Robin of the Teen Titans comic and previous sidekick of Batman, and giving him the Batman Beyond suit and identity,

Whether he will stay in the present or return to the future thirty-five years hence, I don't know. Maybe we will do soon?

Of course, he already exists in that era…


I wonder if this has anything to do with the DC FCBD title?

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