Titan Comics At San Diego Comic-Con – More Dark Souls, Joining FOC And A Lost Laptop

The Diamond Retailer Lunch Meeting is underway as San Diego Comic-Con. Where retailers from across the world gather to talk with publishers, distributors and pick up swag!

And Hilton Collins, Aaron Haaland and Jeremy Konrad have been letting us know what's going down. Including Titan Comics.

You may have seen a few of these at the Titan October solicits we ran yesterday. We ran a few more announcements today. But there's plenty more to talk about.

image2 (9)Such as a new Dark Souls series. Dark Souls: Winter Wait beginning in November by George Mann and Alan Quah.

image1 (15)To accompany the also-launching anthology.

image4 (2)

And Titan will also be joining Diamond's FOC programme, making all retailers happier.

Last year, they talked about how Idris Elba show Luther was shot in the Titan building.

image2 (6)

But the Titan reps had other stories to tell. This year he is not allowed to talk about Nick Landau's penis. So instead he has a laptop story…

He was going to an important presentation, and he goes into it, sits down, opens up his bag to open a contract and his macbook is gone.

He left it in the Fed Ex office earlier. He was worried that his porn was on it, and all his work, and his kids and life. He was panicked. he legged it from the meeting in Mandalay bay to the Fed Ex office. He was out of breath when he got there.

He enters the office and his mouth, in 115 degree heat is dry. He says he left his macbook in this office,  but he was so dry it came out as a groan. The ladies at the desk looked at him strangely. One gave him water and he took it and spoke more clearly. He got the book and his macbook was still gone. He left the office worried about losing his job. Then he sees Superman with his macbook, passing it to him. Going "is this yours? Sure". The superman he saw was a model promoting things dressed as Superman. The Titan guy had so much gratitude for Superman, his childhood hero.

We live in dark times, but this industry, the comics industry, it's about hope and fostering communities and working together and believing in human condition. and the industry delivers a  positive message that we all care about each other and will succeed. He thanks DC Comics and superman.

image1 (17)

And received the biggest applause so far…

image3 (7)

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