Tough Enough?: DC Comics' Trivia Panel

Nikolai Fomich writes for Bleeding Cool:


At Comic-Con this year DC held the DC Comics Too Tough Trivia Panel, featuring editors Eddie Berganza, Brian Cunningham, Mike Marts, as well as Mr. Dan DiDio himself. VP Marketing John Cunningham did a hilarious job moderating the panel, and if he ever makes a career shift, I think game show host would be the way to go.  Before the festivities began, J. Cunningham announced that DC and raised $2.3 million to help fight the terrible problems in the Horn of Africa, a region with serious drought and famine problems.

DC's new panel, Cunningham said, would only as good as the people participating, and the crowd rose to the challenge for an entertaining hour. At the panel, J. Cunningham would ask a question to one of the four panelists, and it was the job of the fan to decide whether or not the answer was correct.  A correct yes or no allowed the fan to continue on and determined his or her prize. There were three tiers of prizes, and participating fans were given DC plush toys, posters, hats, comics, and more.

Questions included Aquaman's mother's name (Mrs. Aquaman didn't count), who were the Wild West incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the Green Lantern oath of Alan Scott (leading to some funny possibilities involving Alan's weakness, wood), the names of the light entities, the first Green Lantern killed by Paralax, and who forged Wonder Woman's lasso of truth. One recurring question – the name of Aquaman's pet octopus – drove me crazy, because I knew the answer. It's Topo people! Mike Marts finally did that great character justice by answering correctly.

A young man from the audience was called to join the panel when he corrected Mr. DiDio by stating that Jay Garrick gained his powers through hard water. The fan joined Mr. DiDio and advised him throughout the event, guiding the Co-Publisher through the difficult waters of DC Universe continuity.

I myself made it to round two but failed when I said Eddie Berganza's answer to the name of Comet the Super-Horse's real name was correct. The answer was Biron – remember that! You'll never know when you'll need to know.

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