Weapon X #17 Review: Funny Dialogue, Tense Action, and Great Art

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Team Weapon X is now under the control of Sabretooth. Old Man Logan is out of commission, and Victor Creed just might be the best man for the job. There are protests from Warpath and Domino, but there's no time to second guess. Reports are coming out of Russia that a mutant gulag holding Omega Red has gone dark, and Red himself is on the loose.

Weapon X #17 cover by Rahzzah
Weapon X #17 cover by Rahzzah

Weapon X #17 spends an oddly long time establishing Sabretooth as the new leader and that Domino and Warpath aren't happy about it. This could have easily killed the comic, but the dialogue is so funny that I didn't mind it so much. Domino and Warpath especially deliver many good one-liners that left me chuckling.

Once the comic does get rolling, it's still great. Omega Red is a solid villain choice, Sabretooth makes for an interesting lead, and the search through the gulag is tense and unnerving. There's something different about Red this time; he's talking to voices in his head and seems jumpier than usual. This comic just does a lot of things that work out in the end, and it was one of the stronger books of the week.

Weapon X #17 art by Yildiray Cinar and Frank D'Armata
Weapon X #17 art by Yildiray Cinar and Frank D'Armata

Yildiray Cinar is the artist on this to boot. He is a great artist, and he delivers exceptional detailing and personality to this comic. Each character looks as imposing and threatening as they should. Domino, Warpath, and Red look especially great. Frank D'Armata doesn't skimp on the color art either; the colors are atmospheric and well-balanced.

Weapon X #17 delivers a pleasant surprise this week with a comic that is equal parts tense and funny. Greg Pak and Fred van Lente deliver on the narrative while Cinar and D'Armata do excellent work on the visuals. This one gets a recommendation. Give it a read.

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