Wendy Rogers Tells America Superman Is Not Gay, He Loves Louis Lane

So yesterday, DC Comics announced what Bleeding Cool told you a couple of months ago, that Superman's son, Jonathan Kent, was going to define himself as a bisexual new man, and had a new boyfriend in activist journalist Jay Nakamura. Not everyone reported the story quite as clearly in headlines or tweets, with "Superman Is Gay" being a common piece of clickbait. And one that Arizona State Senator, Wendy Rogers, fell for hook line and sinker.

The Most Ludicrous Reactions To Superman's Son Being Bisexual

"Superman loves Louis Lane. Period. Hollywood is trying to make Superman gay and he is not. Just rename the new version Thooperman so we can all know the difference and avoid seeing it." Louis Lane? That is something rather special right there, is it not, even aside from the lisping stereotype. To be fair, this is far from the most controversial thing Rogers has tweeted, as Arizona's slate of electors met in Phoenix to formally cast the state's electoral votes for Joe Biden as President, Rogers tweeted out "Buy more ammo", seeing her condemned by Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and that "We Americans who love this country are being replaced by people who do not love this country" and that "Communists & our enemies are using mass immigration, education, big tech, big corporations & other strategies to accomplish this." No wonder she would have strong issues on illegal refugees like Superman. Phillip Kennedy Johnson, writer of the main Superman title, Action Comics featuring Clark Kent, Superman, posted to Twitter in response;

"This is just the best. Thanks so much for reading, Wendy! Don't worry, Louis and Clark's marriage is as secure as ever, as you'll continue to see in the pages of "Action Comics," the Superman (Clark Kent) title. "Superman: Son of Kal-El" follows Jon Kent, their son. To clarify: both father and son are using the title of "Superman" currently, much like two characters go by "Spider-Man" at Marvel. Like his dad, Jon is a beautiful character with a lot to say about how people should treat one another, and clearly has a lot to teach us. Here's a scene with Superman Classic in all his hetero glory, as depicted in the most recent issue of Action Comics. That's Lois he's… holding."

Wendy Rogers Tells USA That Superman Is Not Gay, He Loves Louis Lane
Superman from DC Comics

"*Adding* Jonathan Kent to the DC Universe in 2015 did not *subtract* Clark Kent. There is NO REPLACING Clark Kent. Both can exist. Giving more people an A-list superhero that they can see themselves in does not mean that yours–the one you see yourself in–no longer exists.  I can't take credit for Jon's creation or the recent development, but I'm proud that he's there. Here's what Clark's descendants look like in coming generations. Like Jon, they look different from him, and they give others the chance to see themselves wearing the S-shield."

Wendy Rogers Tells USA That Superman Is Not Gay, He Loves Louis Lane

"A big "congrats" to my good friend @TomTaylorMade, who has all my support. A heartfelt "welcome" to everyone who saw today as GREAT news, and especially those who now have a Superman that they can more easily identify with as a result. To those who were NOT happy with the news, please remember that the character of Superman represents the very best of us, and is there to show us the way. Anyone who imagines Clark would respond to this news from Jon with anything but deepest compassion and understanding, might reexamine their understanding of who Superman is. When I was a kid, Clark was the hero I desperately needed. There are readers out there now who STILL need Clark, and Clark is STILL THERE for them. He ALWAYS WILL BE. There is NO REPLACING Clark Kent. But there are OTHER readers who need Jon."

But it's not only American Senators who have difficulty understanding what's going on. Anonymous Twitter poster Flashman who defines himself "Brits before Migrants, Keen on making Great Britain great again. Want my country back! Military veteran, ex police, businessman, keen motorcyclist." tells us;

The Most Ludicrous Reactions To Superman's Son Being Bisexual


Indoctrination, it seems, that has persuaded him that Superman is published by Marvel. Comic book creators themselves joined in the fun…

The Most Ludicrous Reactions To Superman's Son Being Bisexual

  • Colleen Doran: No one complained when Superman's son was a botched gorilla DNA transplant.
  • Pat Brosseau: And cue the uptight non-comic fans being outraged over Superman coming out as bi…not even realizing that it's actually the son of Superman.
  • PJ Holden: Everyone freaking out about superman's son (half kryptonian/half human) being bisexual, no one worried about superman being a deviant who only has sex with aliens.
  • Joseph P. Illidge: A FOX News troll just emailed me asking for a comment on Jonathan Kent /SUPERMAN because he loves who he loves. To which I say, put me on with Tucker Carlson, and then we can talk.

This could run and run…

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