What That Last Page Of Dark Knight III #1 Might Look Like (SPOILERS)

big-spoilerEarlier this week, we ran an interview with Frank Miller where he talked about the plot and themes of Dark Knight III: The Master Race, revealing the relevance of the title.

While CBR and DC decided to spoil the final page of the first issue instead with a really big twist.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. One retailer expressed his wish to me that he could reduce his order of the comic as a result of the reveal, expecting a number of people to not bother picking it up now.

However, many readers I have spoken to have expressed a greater desire to pick up the book as a result of both articles.

I also believe that most potential readers of the comic are just not aware of the twist ending at all. And for those who are aware, there is evidence that it might just enhance things.

But Robert Scott, owner of San Diego store Comickaze told me

Spoilers by publishers/creators, are the result of laziness.  These people are in the business of storytelling and if they cannot craft compelling teasers for the work that doesn't spoil key plot points, they should find professionals that can.

It does not surprise me that DC professes to like spoilers, the new Burbank regime has proven repeatedly that they do not understand publishing or marketing.

But it's out there now. People who have read the comic who have spoken to me seem surprised how slow it seems, compared the original breakneck speed of the Dark Knight. But as for that controversial ending?

I have no idea.

So I asked artist Ignacio Alcuri to give us his best rendition of how he thinks it might end up looking like…


Spoilers obviously…
I think that's bang on, don't you? They should totally use that for the inevitable second printing…


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