Will We See Oddly Normal On TV?

It was almost a year ago that I sat down to talk to Otis Frampton about Oddly Normal making its transition from monthly issues to graphic novels. We had an in-depth chat about many things, and one of them, was Oddly making her way to the screen.

Otis shared:

"I haven't talked about it until now, but Oddly Normal was optioned last year for development as an animated TV series. There's not much more I can or should say about that at this time, but I'm thrilled that someday I may be in the unique position of working on two different versions of Oddly's story. We're developing a very special pitch right now and hopefully we'll be showing it to studios soon. It's very exciting. Anyone who knows me knows that I've always wanted to be involved in film or TV, so to have a chance to work on a series based on my own comic is thrilling. Hopefully we'll find a home for the show. I feel like we started out with a bit of good luck… the option agreement was finalized on my birthday last year. So *knock wood*!"

(Read the full interview here.)

So while the deal was still swirling in the universe, I wondered how things were developing. That is, until Otis shared this photo yesterday…

Sure, it could be wishful thinking, or it could be something that's really happening. My fingers are crossed that we get an Oddly TV show. She's a fantastic character, and I'd love to see her animated. With that said, if you're looking for something to binge read this Summer, or you have some kids coming home from school with nothing to do, tell them to spend their time wisely. Oddly Normal has three trade paperbacks out right now, and trust me, they are binge-worthy! For more information, visit Otis' website or grab them from Amazon.

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