X-Men Gold #28 Review: Light on Story Progression, Heavy on Charisma

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The X-Men close in on Nance as Alpha makes off with Colossus. The X-Men take Nance, but that still leaves Alpha capable of committing mutant genocide. Our heroes must seek help in chasing down Alpha and saving Colossus.

X-Men: Gold #28 cover by Phil Noto
X-Men Gold #28 cover by Phil Noto

It's clear that this story has been stretched out to hold out until X-Men Gold #30, but, for once, it doesn't sink the story.

It's still noticeable and bothersome, but the comic has enough charm and solid lines to hold its own despite a clear reluctance to conclude its own story. Nance, for example, is given room to show how much of a bastard she is. She delivers some uniquely despicable lines which show the depths of her bigotry — and it's all too reminiscent of reality even in 2018 (current year argument, don't care).

That believable yet vicious bigotry makes it all the more enjoyable when the X-Men overrun her defenses and kick her ass left and right.

On top of that, there is plenty of funny and generally entertaining dialogue between the members of the X-Men. Plus, Storm gets a very badass moment to show off her Stormcaster abilities. Rachel and Kitty get some cool moments too.

X-Men: Gold #28 art by Michele Bandini and Arif Prianto
X-Men Gold #28 art by Michele Bandini and Arif Prianto

Michele Bandini's artwork is absolutely gorgeous in this issue. It adds a sleekness, expressiveness, and energy to the comic which adds an extra jolt of life to the proceedings. Arif Prianto supports Bandini's work with bright and well-contrasted colors that add additional depth to the visuals. David Marquez and Matthew Wilson make for a stunning flashback sequence with Kitty and Colossus which leads into Bandini and Prianto organically.

X-Men Gold #28 is an issue that doesn't get a lot done for the plot, but it gets by on charm, solid dialogue, and great artwork from the team. Despite showing the stretchmarks of the current arc, I can still recommend this comic easily. Check it out.

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