Joakim Sandberg's 2D Platformer 'Iconoclasts' Is Coming to the PS4 and Vita

Joakim Sandberg's 2D Platformer 'Iconoclasts' Is Coming to the PS4 and Vita
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Joakim Sandberg and Bifrost Entertainment's 2D platformer Iconoclasts is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles this January. The game has been in development for a while now by Sandberg, who is perhaps best known by his gamertag "Konjak" and Bifrost but appears to be well on its way out the door. The game is absolutely a labor of love, and you can tell that from pretty much every aspect of the PSX trailer that just got released alongside the game's launch date.

For a brief intro to the game, for those who are just hearing about Iconoclasts for the first time, we'll turn to the game's entry on the PlayStation Blog where Sandberg writes,"Robin is a self-taught mechanic who spends most of her days helping to fix the broken "ivory"-run machinery of those around her. However, she lives in a land heavily governed by the religious bodies, who are adamant to have full control of the occupations of rural people, and an unlicensed mechanic handling ivory is the most heinous thing of all."

The game promises a ton of boss battles and stylish moves. It promises to be "an open-ended action platformer first and foremost, but with a big slant toward a character-driven narrative" so if you are one who loves to get to know your characters inside and out, this is definitely a game for you.

Iconoclasts will release on January 23rd on PS4 and PS Vita. The PSX launch date trailer is below.

Iconoclasts releases January 23! Play as the passionate hobby mechanic Robin as you fight your way through the dangers that come with choosing your own path, using just your wrench and trusty sidearm.

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