343 Industries Confirms Halo Infinite Multiplayer Will Be Free

Some cool news this week from 343 Industries as the developer has confirmed Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free-to-play. Let's be very honest about something here when it comes to the Halo series. You may enjoy the story and playing the campaign, but the reality is most every player comes here for the multiplayer. Ever since Halo: Combat Evolved came onto the scene, every version of the game has had a robust experience with online competitive games. To the point where it's basically a joke that Halo 3's campaign was only created so they could sell us another online multiplayer game. (For real, though, that campaign only takes 8-10 hours to beat.) The remasters of Halo 2 and 3 right now in the PC version of the Master Chief Collection are getting massive multiplayer audiences. So, of course, everyone is curious about what's going on with the latest incarnation.

Master Chief, looking stoic, but missing red or blue. Courtesy of 343 Industries.
Master Chief, looking stoic, but missing red or blue. Courtesy of 343 Industries.

Well, the latest news to hit came from the game's official Twitter account, as they revealed it will be free to everyone, and that it will support 120FPS on Xbox Series X. This is both awesome and interesting at the same time. Awesome for the fact that there's no massive catch to be able to play the game online, but interesting for that very same fact. Regardless of whether you like them for it or not, Microsoft requiring you to have an Xbox Live Gold account back in the day was one of the driving forces behind added revenue for the company. A good chunk of that coming from Halo fans who purchased it religiously with every game. So having Halo Infinite multiplayer for free without any major strings attached is a bold move, but it makes us wonder where the catch will be for the company to make up for what they're giving up. Only time will tell as we wait for more details to come.

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